U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Why Are We Trying To Go To War With Russia?’

By Jerry Alatalo

Galaxy1Alphabet Hawaii’s Representative Tulsi Gabbard has warned the American people and the world about possible nuclear war between the United States and Russia. In a December 1 interview on CNN, Ms. Gabbard explained her view that risking world war over Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad’s remaining in power or not is “crazy”.

Considering the mind-numbing fact that nuclear war between the United States and Russia would most likely destroy the creation, her perception that ignoring such a possibility is “crazy” should become heeded and forcefully acted upon to prevent world war. Ms. Gabbard has become known and appreciated in America as one of the very few in either party elected to Congress speaking truthfully about the current dangerous situation in Syria and the Middle East.

It’s interesting to note that during the December 1 interview she was questioned about a warning given by former Defense official Michael Flynn of a “matter-of-time”, “Paris-style” terrorist attack coming to America, and that days later the event in San Bernardino, California occurred. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer seemingly wanted to end the short interview on the topic of a possible terror attack on U.S. soil, but Tulsi Gabbard to her credit ended by emphasizing the far, far greater danger: potential world war.

Eyewitnesses have described the mass murderers in San Bernardino as “three white men, athletic, and tall”, which has created controversy because it contradicts the narrative of a husband and wife carrying out the massacre, in particular the wife’s physical feature of weighing 90 pounds. Fortunately, Ms. Gabbard has a good sense of putting first things first, and shifted the discussion at the end of the interview from potential terror attacks in America – as important as those concerns are – to her much more worrisome concern about potential war between the United States and Russia.

It would be very wise that Americans, Russians and people from all nations around the Earth fully comprehend the urgency to heed Tulsi Gabbard’s dire warning, turn their focus away from possible “Paris-style” terror attacks, and turn all attention toward the far more devastating potential of a world war becoming ignited in Syria.

Thousands of men and women around the world are looking very closely at the terror events in San Bernardino, Paris, etc. with the determination to expose any evidence of them being “false flags” meant to achieve consent from citizens for otherwise objectionable agendas. Whether eventually proven real terror events or false flags, the truth of those events will become revealed shortly.

Unfortunately, the American peace movement has lost much of its potency since Barack Obama won election in 2008. Americans felt a sense of relief when Mr. Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after becoming President, but have since had their optimistic outlooks altered by the failure of the American leader to keep his campaign promises, in particular those which related to foreign policy and military operations overseas.

Whatever the source of conflict in Syria, Iraq, the Middle East-North Africa region and elsewhere, if it’s the vast quantities of natural resources, the petrodollar, desire for personal wealth and power through accumulated profits from sale of those resources – or some combination of these and/or other factors, the self-extinguishing of life on Earth through nuclear war absolutely trumps everything.

Peace advocates in North America, Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and around the world must rise up with all available spiritual power, unite, and carry out what has become necessary here at the end of 2015: the literal prevention of a world war. For the sake of humanity, all life, future generations and continuance of the creation, ensuring peace on Earth must become manifested as this holiday season’s greatest gift.

(Thank you to Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard at YouTube)