Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s Ban of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’

The American people have been placed on a collision course with the truth surrounding the December 2012 Sandy Hook event, after banned the recently-published book “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”.


4 thoughts on “Nationwide Media Blackout on Amazon’s Ban of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’

    1. Stuart,
      The book’s contributors could use a print-on-demand (POD) service like Lulu or others for the paperback, then order the paperbacks to sell direct to readers from their websites. Who knows how much these book sellers cheat authors when the author can’t be certain how many books are actually going to customers. An unscrupulous POD company might ship 10,000 books, then cook the books to give the author the impression that 1,000 copies were sold, for example, and the author has no way to know. Digital book sales accounting would be more complex from the perspective of honest companies, Smashwords seems good, but I have no suggestions how to guarantee authors’ receive a fair return for their eBook format creations. Enlisting the aid of someone who knows how authors can sell eBooks direct from their website could place authors in total control of their work.
      With regard to Mr. Fetzer and VT, my only comment is that it’s somewhat strange seeing him and Kevin Barrett (still at VT) collaborating, but, after experiencing difficulty navigating at the VT website stopped going on it a long time ago, so I don’t have the knowledge to comment further. Media Broadcasting Center’s channel on YouTube posted Mr.Fetzer’s recent interview of Jesse Ventura, and it was a very insightful 2-hour discussion. It’ll be extremely interesting to see how the Sandy Hook book-banning situation develops. Thank you.


  1. Jerry, I find this issue of a false flag incident in Sandy Hook Intriguing. I lived there in the early 1970s, a sleepy little town that was primarily a place where many city dwellers had tiny summer cottages along the shores of the Housatonic River. When I visited there in 1999, the community had transformed into a gentrified getaway for wealthier professionals. I don’t know anyone there now, but I would love to know the truth about what did or didn’t happen there!


    1. Carol,
      How are you. The main issue with situations like this one with Sandy Hook and whether it was a hoax is that failure to resolve and give the people the truth, one way or another, is that it sows division and misunderstanding. Sandy Hook, 9/11, the assassination of Martin Luther King, etc. remain divisive and create fundamentally negative consequences in society when citizen doubts are not properly/fully addressed. Situations like these are where a significant number of people, rightly or wrongly, don’t believe the government’s official description of events, and when government officials choose not to address concerns. This is why a government-sponsored website such as “” which allows any man or woman who has attained a Ph.D. 30-60 minutes to convey serious concerns of any type would be a positive development – people would no longer be wasting time trying to find the truth, but truth (or untruth) would be available 24/7/365 with 100% transparency. Important suppressed facts, the truth, would enter public consciousness, and false claims would become revealed, thereby discrediting all who attempt to deceive others. Thanks.

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