Aspiring to Rule the World: US Capital and the Battle for Syria

It seems difficult to dispute Stephen Gowans’ appraisal of the situation in Syria and the Middle East…

what's left

By Stephen Gowans

The idea that the United States has “interests” abroad is an affront to democracy and geography. How can a country have interests, and not only that, but vital ones, in every corner of the world, unless we ignore geography and the idea that the people who live in a place ought to own it, and organize their own affairs? All the same, US leaders regularly pronounce that the United States has vital interests abroad, and that the possession of these interests warrants the “projection of power,” which is to say the establishment of a military presence in a region to intimidate its people and governments to acquiesce to US demands.

Rarely, if ever, do the mass media explore what these “vital interests” are. They simply exist, and must be defended. Occasionally, their nature is at least superficially glimpsed, as in the idea that the Middle East is…

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7 thoughts on “Aspiring to Rule the World: US Capital and the Battle for Syria

  1. A lengthy article, Jerry, but well worth the read. The power elite are everywhere. I couldn’t help but think of an aggressive cancer that has spread throughout the body of its host. How does one cure such a life-threatening cancer?


    1. Rosaliene,
      You’re aware of this suggestion, but for those who aren’t, the first healing protocol comes in the form of mandatory UN membership contingent upon coming under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. I have nothing against people around the world doing honest business, but using war, killing and destruction as a tactic, tearing apart the lives of millions of innocent people in the process, simply needs to end. There are wealthy and powerful people now walking freely on the Earth whose criminal actions – war crimes – without question rise to the level of long periods of imprisonment. In other words, the answer to your highly relevant question is real international law. Thank you.


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