O’Keefe: ISIS Means ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.’

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-32Alphabet People familiar with Ken O’Keefe know that in public appearances he doesn’t pull any punches. His recent appearance on Press TV to discuss the Paris terror event is no exception, and time will tell if his explanation of ISIS as ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service’ equaled a form of knockout punch.

For some people, Mr. O’Keefe’s intensity or righteous indignation during public debates is hard to accept, most likely because media commentators typically restrain themselves emotionally. For others, his style is exactly what’s required to get to the truth of events negatively affecting millions of human beings.

Is righteous indignation in response to continual lies and corruption at the highest levels of global power surrounding the terrorist group ISIS perfectly reasonable?  Considering over the last four, going on five, years the nation known as Syria has become literally destroyed/torn apart by paid ISIS mercenary terrorists, perhaps the question should become: “how is it possible that Ken O’Keefe is seemingly alone in standing up and expressing the one moral and philosophically correct response – righteous indignation?”

It’s possible that if opponents of unchecked terrorist financing behind the horrific war in Syria had responded with righteous indignation years ago the conflict might have already ended. Persons who express righteous indignation more than likely know the truth about situations causing them to become indignant, so for that reason Ken O’Keefe’s message must become considered very, very seriously.

In late 2015, humanity is experiencing a historic transformation – a planetary moment of truth. And what is that truth? It’s spiritual wisdom Mohandes Gandhi described as “old as the hills” – that every human being is directly related as brothers and sisters to all others in the human family. Those whose actions aren’t based on that wise spiritual foundation have broken both international and universal (spiritual) law, and are fully responsible for the overwhelmingly tragic, clearly observed consequences.

Now is the time to hold accountable the people behind wars of aggression and intentional violence, because such soul-shattering actions are directly opposite to actions of spiritual wisdom founded on, aligned with, the sacredness of all life.

On matters of unjust wars and bringing intentional harm and suffering to our innocent brothers and sisters in the family of man, righteous indignation is not just the logical, reasonable, spiritual response. Righteous indignation is truly the only response.

(Thank you to Ken O’Keefe at YouTube)

2 thoughts on “O’Keefe: ISIS Means ‘Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.’

  1. It’s really troubling to read reports of Iraqi intelligence capturing Israeli military officers advising ISIS jihadists and Israel hospitals in the Golan Heights treating wounded ISIS fighters. I wonder at times why they’re so overt about it – perhaps they want us to know, just to make us feel helpless to do anything about it.

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    1. Stuart,
      How are you. Really troubling and very sad. It seems clear humanity is witnessing in Syria and the Middle East real-life manifestation of the spiritual truth: “love of money is the root of all evil”. To enter into the battle requires one to embrace the role of spiritual warrior. Thanks.

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