World Can End ISIS In Days.

By Jerry Alatalo

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

– VOLTAIRE (1694-1778) French philosopher

HighwayDoes anyone remember that shortly before violence erupted in Syria in 2011 that Iran, Iraq and Syria signed a $multi-billion natural gas pipeline deal to move Iran’s natural gas resource to sell in Europe – and that Syria’s government had rejected a similar pipeline deal proposed by Qatar, which has access to the same huge natural gas field as Iran?

The question is important because the pipelines issue is the source of the humanitarian catastrophe innocent Syrians have suffered in the five-year war. It was shortly after Iran, Iraq and Syria agreed and signed a massive pipeline deal to build infrastructure for transporting natural gas to the tremendous European market that violence erupted in Syria. Terrorist/mercenary groups financed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and western nations became tools for toppling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Would a compromise of two pipelines, one carrying natural gas from Iran and the other from Qatar, built to Syria and joining there, then metered after becoming a single pipeline to Europe, with a 50/50 guaranteed split of profits shared between Iran and Qatar – offer a solution and real chance for peace in Syria?

It’s worth noting and remembering that former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark told the world that the United States had a five-year plan to overthrow the governments of seven countries, Iraq, Libya, Syria and “finally” Iran among them. The other three nations targeted were/are Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan. In case some readers are still unaware of, or forgotten, Mr. Clark’s bombshell revelation:

(Thank you to FacelesswithEyesOpen at YouTube)

The wars in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region, with their overwhelmingly tragic consequences for the people living in those countries, have all been about oil, natural gas and other valuable resources – in particular who controls and profits from their sale. In case some readers have the idea that “false flag” operations are just the result of overactive imaginations possessed by “conspiracy theorists”, perhaps a certain Mr. Patrick Clawson, Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy,  can convince you otherwise:

(Thank you to TNSONSOFLIBERTY at YouTube)

Ask yourself why in around a month Russia’s air campaign against ISIS and other mercenary terrorist groups, who’ve destroyed untold lives and property in five years in Syria and Iraq, has done more to effectively battle the mercenaries than the United States’ “coalition” has in over a year. Keep in mind when pondering that the United States spends more on defense (intelligence and the military) than the rest of the world combined, and that the U.S. military because of that world-leading expenditure is the most powerful force in world history.

Ask yourself how it is that, since the “coalition” began its campaign against ISIS over a year ago, the terrorist group remains operational – in other words, the most powerful military in world history has not been able to defeat, or crush, ISIS out of existence. Ask why you see no “success stories” in the war against ISIS reported about prevention of ISIS’ selling stolen oil on the world market, no six o’clock news lead stories showing arrest, detainment, prosecution, trial and conviction of those involved with buying ISIS oil, or no newspaper headlines announcing revealed scandals that include oil buyers, bankers, and others whose intentional actions have helped sustain ISIS.

Is it impossible to investigate and find who supplied the bright, shiny-new fleets of Toyota pickups? Is it impossible to find where ISIS obtained their money and weaponry, where and by whom they received training, who has supplied their necessities, or any real facts surrounding ISIS’ remaining a “going (and growing) concern”?  No, it’s not impossible to investigate these matters related to ISIS. But if those who tell the world how important it is to defeat ISIS fail to investigate – in effect engaging in a giant cover-up – it may as well be impossible.

When ISIS began its rampage of war and destruction in the summer of 2014, this writer urged the world’s leaders to organize a multinational military force to take the terrorist group down. Well over a year later, ISIS has gone on to kill more innocents and destroy more homes and property, Europe faces a profound refugee crisis, while someone has provided them the weapons, money, equipment, necessities – and cover – to continue. The lives of millions are shattered, and the guilty facilitating ISIS are known when their words are absent sincere concern, empathy, compassion or resolve to end the immense suffering those innocent millions are experiencing. They are known when their words do not include “peace”.

It’s now overwhelmingly clear – well beyond any reasonable doubt – that those who’ve aided and abetted ISIS mercenary terrorists are war criminals and must face punishment in the International Criminal Court for their truly heinous actions. Very soon, the people of the world will know the truth.

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    1. Hello Rosaliene,
      How are you. While individuals wage an intense personal battle to come up with spiritual explanations for extremely sad, disturbing events occurring, there’s no doubt that resolving such soul-stirring human problems requires absolutely truthful, universal discussions on the real causes. What humanity is experiencing could be viewed as an historic, inescapable meetup with truth as it relates to wars, and wide, increasing acknowledgement that the only effective way forward is spiritual evolution. The human family has arrived at the point where ignoring, avoiding or falsely representing facts and truth is no longer possible. The wisest spiritual leaders on Earth must now, unanimously, step forward and share their wisdom. Thank you.

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    1. Sky Wanderer,
      If you’re the same Skywanderer who engaged in some pretty involved discussion here a few years ago, thanks for the re-blog and hope you’re doing well. Perhaps the truth revolution occurring and growing around the Earth, thanks to a lot of decent men and women, will finally bring good results, namely peace.
      Thanks again,

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  2. Hello again Jerry,
    Thank you so much for your kind response – lol, yes, I am still one and the same …
    I stopped blogging for a while, but then soon I returned. A sense of ‘obligation’? Since then I don’t write as often as before; rather, I try to spread the word on social media.

    As always, now you did again an outstanding job by the thorough research and eloquent presentation of this subject.

    Am certain that your brilliant and tireless work has been a great source of knowledge, inspiration and strength to many. Let’s hope you are right, and there is indeed a global truth-revolution, so that the result we hope for will soon become reality.

    Thanking you again, Jerry, I wish you the very best,


    1. Sky Wanderer,
      Will have to check out your blog posts to “catch up”. You may or may not be familiar with Daniel Sheehan, who as a Harvard Law and Divinity School graduate became heavily involved in Iran-Contra, the Karen Silkwood case, the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and other high-profile legal cases. If one goes to YouTube and types “Romero Institute” his channel has a ton of information of interest to so-called truthers. I think the man is one of the most powerful speakers on the Earth, and have digested a high number of his lectures and interviews. It was many years ago that I stopped listening/following the radio show “Coast to Coast AM” due to the high percentage of guests with non-believable narratives, but I’ll recommend the November 28 program with Daniel Sheehan: .

      The man has a wealth of knowledge and facts of history, geopolitical developments and the “big picture”, and this interview is perhaps the strongest, most profound and relevant I’ve heard yet. It starts at 11-minutes.

      Check out “To Writers” page about a book project I’d like to accomplish. I’m looking for 100 writers to anonymously contribute 5,000 words on making the world a better place now and for future generations. Response thus far has been dismal. Would be interested if you have any comments or suggestions.

      See you “on down the road”.

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