Empire, Spiritual Evolution, World Peace.

by Jerry Alatalo

“He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.”

– CHARLES PEGUY (1873-1914) French writer

aaa-44Alphabet Very soon, killing and violent destruction will become unacceptable by humanity as means for increasing power, wealth, profits and market share.  That time is approaching rapidly, marks what will become recorded in history books as the greatest positive change ever, and humanity will have every reason for taking part in celebrations around the Earth – because “War is over!”

From a spiritual or metaphysical perspective, the end result of a global trend which began with the appearance and increasing use of the internet could accurately be seen as a literal and positive, “game changing”, historic and powerful spiritual evolution of all mankind. What makes the imminent and awe-inspiring transformation that’s occurring and growing worldwide possible is a profound realization by more and more people of what’s been taking place through history and now, the summarizing of that awareness, moving beyond political ideology, and leading to cooperative efforts solely focused on doing what’s best for the health and well-being of the family of man.

The single greatest aspect of this new, emergent and amazing international development is the acknowledgment that war fails in every respect to improve the health and well-being of, especially, those in the physical vicinity directly experiencing war’s horrific consequences – or anyone.  Just as a human being first experiences some physical discomfort in their stomach, the discomfort slowly increases in intensity and occurrence over time, and eventually the person sees a doctor to learn he or she has cancer – so humanity has come to learn through history that war is the universal cancer which must become fought, treated and eliminated to restore health.

Extending the metaphor comparing an individual’s battle with cancer to humanity’s cancerous condition called war is instructive when perceived with an intention to focus on cause(s). Wars are not natural occurrences like earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or floods, but, like the majority of cancer cases, wars are humanity’s self-inflicted cancerous results of willful, planned actions – actions which certainly entail the roots of the disease: war itself.

Going all the way with the useful metaphor, after the individual, if fortunate, goes through successful treatment and elimination of the disease, it becomes necessary for the person to make changes to their lifestyle, eating, and consumption habits to escape from any recurrence of the cancer, and this directly applies to humanity when it comes to ending war. To minimize or eliminate the chances for future outbreaks of the cancer called war, the world and humanity must change.

Persons who’ve contracted cancer and survived have the choice of making the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent the cancer from coming back, or returning to self-destructive habits, experiencing the return of disease, and possible death. In the same manner, the billions of human beings of this generation we call humanity must wisely change ways of living on Earth, otherwise face more war, more killing, more horrific destruction, placing unimaginable stress upon the lives of more sacred and innocent  fellow members of the human family.

Some who pass this way intuitively understand to some various extent or depth just how important is the task for humanity to end war. This means ending war as soon as humanly possible, in this generation, not leaving the effort to accomplish world peace to the future, and people living in the year 2030 or 2050.  Such an understanding comes easily to nearly every man, woman or child in the world when answering the both simple and profound question: “when is the best time for peace on Earth?” The answer is obvious – and the answer is now.

In past posts, this writer has strongly suggested organizing a week-long “World Peace Conference”, possibly the first of its kind, to bring about the sharing of good ideas between respected men and women leaders from around the world in the fields of government, academia, religion, business, labor, the arts, mainstream and alternative media, along with others whose list of goals and intentions has peace on top at #1.

It seems beyond belief and explanation that among the many questions directed at candidates thus far in both the Republican or Democratic debates none of them asked “is world peace possible, and if so, what is your plan to bring such a world about?” Isn’t it logical to think that world peace would be one of the major topics for debates between men and women seeking enough votes to become the President of the United States? Perhaps suggesting world peace should become a major area of focus – and more (any) time should become devoted to the subject – during presidential debates comes across to some as unusual or odd, but one has to wonder when discussion of what in most people’s minds would be humanity’s greatest achievement remains absent.

From this writer’s perspective, not discussing ways to bring about peace on Earth during presidential debates is odd and unusual on a scale multiple times larger than merely suggesting the subject become included and debated. The positive consequences that come with peace on Earth are so overwhelmingly clear and massive that coming to the point of having to suggest it become part of presidential debates can only be viewed as truly beyond ridiculous.  Unfortunately, the most serious issue on planet Earth – war and peace – receives only a small fraction of the attention and effort needed for dealing with it using maximum human skill, wisdom, imagination and potential.

Although such pessimism-inducing facts persist in parts of the world in late 2015, at the same time revelations about the root causes of humanity’s historic problems including war have emerged in an increasingly powerful manner. That fact should induce feelings of optimism. While labeling political ideologies such as capitalism, socialism etc. has some value in that using labels during discussions makes things clearer, perhaps in late 2015 people are moving beyond “labels” which cause needless division to simply comparing “ideas” to identify those which, when implemented, offer the best chance to constructively address problems – and therefore improve the human condition.

The world’s historic problems are comparable to diseases, and many in the healing professions hold to the philosophy of “whatever works”. Humanity’s problems remain today – some becoming worse when measured, so it’s becoming obvious to more and more people around the world that new ideas for living on Earth are urgently needed. It’s hard to predict developments, what solutions or combination of solutions will become offered, or precisely what the future will look like for humanity. What is predictable is that awareness of the root causes of human problems will continue to grow. Like the person who’s contracted cancer and gained the awareness of what it takes to heal, mankind is more than capable of diagnosing, finding the source of, treating and healing its diseases – then adopting a permanent, no-turning-back, healthy lifestyle.

Beyond unnecessary and divisive ideology, adaptation of a new philosophy consisting of “simple ideas examined, and whatever works” offers a solid basis for optimism about the future of humanity.


Journalists Abby Martin, host of “Empire Files”, and Director of MintPress News Mnar Muhawesh are two of millions of men and women around the Earth attempting to discover and reveal the root causes of humanity’s persisting major problems. Along with those millions of others, they believe a new world is possible. Thank you to the world’s healers. Thank you to all peacemakers.

(Thank you to MintPressNews at YouTube)


5 thoughts on “Empire, Spiritual Evolution, World Peace.

    1. Skywalker Storyteller,
      ‘The more people who begin to say this, that we can end war now, the sooner it will happen.”

      I agree with you 100%, and again emphasize people talk about, write about and demand that world peace become included as a major topic in all U.S. presidential debates. Thank you for sharing the message of an achievable vision – world peace.

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    1. Rosaliene,
      How are you. An excellent quote from writer Norman Cousins (1912-1990): “War is an invention of the human mind. The human mind can invent peace.” Making it impossible for the root of wars, human desire for land, money and power, to continue being fulfilled with impunity through mass murder (war) is the outstanding feature of such an “invention”. The single step offering the best chance for true enforcement of int’l law, in essence finally and rightly making/naming war a crime, is tying continued membership in the United Nations to joining the International Criminal Court. Those nations which decline signing on to the ICC give up UN membership, and, until they do sign on, will experience extreme loss of reputation – correctly perceived around the world as “pariah states”. Such a measure would effectively secure/guarantee universal observance of law, eliminate war crimes and crimes against humanity, and thereby for all intents and purposes ending war. Thank you.


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