Headlines Talking.

by Jerry Alatalo

ripple22After being away from here for a few days, and as one who tries to read the blogs I follow, the effort to catch up on posts began. The idea came to create a unique, breaking-routine, different kind of post with only headlines or titles from others’ blog posts – almost an abstract painting of what’s on the mind of others, or a snapshot of current events. So, here’s six days worth. Consider what the cumulative, synthesized  message is on the other side.

  • Evonomics Magazine: Changing Stories About Our Economy and Political System
  • Inside the Brutal Reality of Saudi Arabia
  • The Universal Mind and the Individual Mental Nature
  • Lessons From NAFTA for the TPP
  • Stop and Reverse Privatization of Seniors’ Care!
  • A Gathering Storm? (economics)
  • The Palestinian Right to Choose Their Weapons of Resistance
  • A Proxy War (once again)
  • Transhumanity and Abraxas
  • Isocrates: Addicted to War, Lusting After Imperial Power
  • Whistling Past the Afghan Graveyard of Empires
  • New Approaches to Geopolitical Economy
  • Defining Ethnicity
  • Reflections About Emotions and Critical Thought
  • Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Acts of the Harper Government!
  • Hillary: Keep Your Hands OFF Social Security
  • New Leaks Reveal Dark Details of U.S. Drone Program
  • Harper’s Wrecking of Canadian Farming Goes Hand-in-Hand with Wrecking of Ukrainian Farming
  • The False Identification of the Soul with the Mind
  • The Drone Papers | Part 1: The Assassination Complex
  • Chrysler-Fiat Auto Negotiations
  • Creeping Disaster: Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Flowing to U.S. North Coast
  • Yanis in Barcelona October 15
  • An Antidote for the Polls – To Be Taken with a Grain of Salt
  • Regulation of Political, Electoral and other Behaviors of Americans by the Devil-God of Capital
  • Is Human Warming Prodding a Sleeping Methane Monster Off Oregon’s Coast?
  • F*ck the Polar Bears: A Conversation with Playwright Tanya Ronder
  • Climate Change and Food System Shocks: Threats of Cascading Catastrophe
  • Representative Agent Models – Macroeconomic Foundations Made of Sand
  • The Drone Papers | Part 2: A Visual Glossary
  • California Shuts 33 Wells Injecting Oil Wastewater into Aquifers
  • Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Equals a U.S. Aircraft Carrier
  • ‘Human’ the Movie
  • Prominent Veterans Group Just Called On U.S. Public to Say No to War
  • Word of Life Christian Church Members Beat Teenager to Death in Cult-like Confession Ritual
  • Chris Hedges, Max Blumenthal | Days of Revolt: The 51 Day War
  • Abby Martin: Debate the Democratic Debate
  • Surveillance Canadian Style
  • The True Relation of the Soul with the Mind, Life and Body
  • Mainstream Media Finally Admits Syrian Conflict is U.S.-Russia Proxy War
  • Sightings. Fall Colours
  • Yellow Journalism
  • New Members of Finland’s Parliament: Katri Kulmuni, One of the Promising Stars of the Centre Party
  • Nothing Free About this ‘Free Election’ (Canada)
  • Economic Textbooks – When the Model Becomes the Message
  • The Channel Program: Helping Vulnerable People or Nudging Them Towards Radicalization?
  • Blu Sky for Black America
  • The Definition of Capital as a Social, Historical Relation – and TTIP
  • The Greek Payment System Was Not the Problem in the Summer of 2015… Banks Were.
  • Alfred Noyes: They Say That War is a Noble Thing!
  • The Drone Papers | Part 3: The Kill Chain
  • Poll: 60% of Americans Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media
  • Prototypical
  • What Was Bad in 2006 Has Gotten Exponentially Worse
  • Jamie Brown on “It’s Our Money”
  • Rasmea Odeh Appeal: Lawyer Michael Deutsch, Allow Rasmea to Tell Her Story
  • I Am Vermin
  • Free Syrian Army ‘Sharing Experience with Jihadists’
  • The Negative and Positive Methods pf the Traditional Yoga of Knowledge
  • Afghanistan: The Longest U.S. War
  • #Enough! We Can Respond to the Tears of Kunduz Refugee Abdul Fatah
  • The Catfish and the Eagle
  • The Harper/Trudeau Fallacy of Prosperous Economy Based on Global Monopoly Control
  • Democratizing Europe and Academic Freedom
  • Toward a New Politics for Europe – with Paul Mason
  • What If We Stop Over-personalizing Politics?
  • The Counterintuitive Problem (economics)
  • When Mass Shootings Were Real
  • Jenkins Misleads by Linking Pentagon Plane Impact Theory to AE911Truth
  • The House Leadership Crisis Explained
  • The Starving Children of Yemen
  • Capitalism and Technology and Stephen Hawking
  • Lactantius: The Pernicious and Impious Madness of Deifying Warlike Generals Who Have Inundated Plains with Blood
  • The Drone Papers | Part 4: Find, Fix, Finish
  • Chris Hedges: Death by Fracking
  • The Six Hour Workday: Preparing for the Attack of the Robots
  • Centrist Liberal Party Favored to Win Today’s Federal Election in Canada
  • Turkey’s Election Turmoil
  • Donald Trump: Making the World Safe for Golf
  • The Traditional Yoga of Knowledge and the Outer World of Forms
  • “Watch, Listen, and Consider…”
  • Norman Finkelstein: Stabbings in West Bank Mean Despair
  • Insist On Your Right to Vote! Document Irregularities!
  • Third Intifada Goal is to End Gaza Siege
  • Comcast Thinks It Has the Right to Censor You
  • The Killing of Serena Shim and the ‘Suicide’ of Former BBC Journalist Jackie Sutton…
  • Event. Cuba and African Liberation
  • Goodbye Green
  • Aristotle: When They Had Attained Empire They Fell, for of the Arts of Peace They Knew Nothing
  • Justin Trudeau is Canada’s New Prime Minister
  • Robert Reich Debunks Republican Deficit Hawks
  • The Drone Papers | Part 5: Manhunting in the Hindu Kush
  • 40 Critical Points for Students of Economics
  • Canada Did Move Left, But Canadians Fell for the ‘Hope and Change’ Illusion
  • Saudi Arabia, Royal Impunity, and the Quicksand of Special Relationships
  • The One Existence Which is Both Soul and Nature
  • Food Fraud: McDonald’s Franchise Owners Confirm Fastfood Giant “Facing its final days”
  • Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs
  • Why Are We Here?
  • TPP Free Trade Treaty: #1 Priority of Multinational Corporations
  • Noam Chomsky: Knowledge and Power (featuring Norman Finkelstein)
  • Attacks on Muslims in the Midwest Highlight Violent Trend of Bigotry Sweeping the U.S.
  • Malcolm X Suggests Cure to Racism in Newly-Discovered Handwritten Letter
  • Climate Disruption: Thought of the Week
  • Do You Believe Them Now?
  • Emile Zola: Why Armies Are Maintained
  • Not Even Wal-Mart is Ruthless Enough for Wall Street
  • The Drone Papers | Part 6: Firing Blind
  • Phelps’ Smackdown on Lucas’ Rational Expectations (economics)
  • Five Ways to Boost Your Site with Social Media
  • Democratic Presidential Field Ripples and Shifts
  • Killing Off Community Banks – Intended Consequence of Dodd-Frank?
  • The Shrub Did NOT Keep Us Safe!
  • The Ugly Side of the Fashion Industry
  • Europe’s Greenhouse Emissions Fall to Record Low
  • Why Palestinians Attack Israelis
  • Report From Aleppo – Fanatics Shaving Beard to Escape SAA Forces
  • The Difference Between the White House and a Maine Sewer District
  • If the BBC Reported on the Royal Family Like It Did North Korea
  • The Knowledge that Divides and the Knowledge that Unites
  • Study: Corporate Media Refuses to Acknowledge Civilians of U.S. Wars
  • Hospital Slaughter and the U.S./NATO Propaganda Machine (Evergreene Digest)
  • Seneca the Elder: What is this Hideous Disease, this Appalling Evil that Drove You to Shed Each Other’s Blood?
  • Top Censored Stories of 2015
  • The Drone Papers | Part 7: The Life and Death of Objective Peckham
  • Greeting the Morning with Thoughts About Gatekeepers?
  • The Downside of Cheap Abundance by Ralph Nader
  • New PM Tells Obama, Canada to Withdraw Jets from Syria, Iraq
  • A Synthesis of the Disciplines and Aims of the Yoga of Knowledge
  • It’s Time for Every State to Create Their Own Banks
  • Economics, Concepts, Language and the Progress of Science
  • Econometric Delusions
  • Plato: Selections on War
  • U.S. and Russia – Part 1: The Common Foundation
  • “Crisis Actor Conspiracy Theory”: Security Theater
  • Palestinian Resistance: Messages from the Streets
  • The Drone Papers | Part 8: Target Africa
  • Henry A. Giroux | Youth in Authoritarian Times: Challenging Neoliberalism’s Politics of Disposability
  • Mark Fiore | The Drone Wars: Hot Spikes Through the Forehead
  • U.N. Manipulated by Transnational Corporations, New Study Charges
  • Integral Knowledge
  • Affecting Social Change
  • Iceland Sentences 26 Bankers to Combined 74 Years in Prison
  • Organizing Bangladeshi Sweatshops
  • White Helmets: War by Way of Deception
  • Labor Market Flows and the Musical Chairs Economy
  • Syria, Duma: Terrorists Came Out of Sewers, Like Rats
  • Voice From Raqqa: “ISIS Pay Well, but Beheading Someone is the Initiation Test.”
  • Post Election: Violation of Rights, Criminalization of Dissent No Concern
  • Octave Mirbeau: “Stupidly, unconsciously, I had killed a man whom I loved, a man with whom my soul had just identified itself”
  • Abby Martin: America’s Unofficial Religion – The War on an Idea
  • Picking Through the Bones of Democracy
  • The Wisdom of Ordinary People and Places

And how was your week?… Turning to true artists like Peter Gabriel, especially in performance live, helps reinvigorate one’s spirits almost like good medicine. There are certain artists whose work can be described accurately as a spiritual experience, and much of Mr. Gabriel’s work is just that.

There are a couple of old friends to whom, if you happen to pass this way, the message of “Come Talk to Me” is directed. Let’s also say the song’s message is directed at men and women who have given some thought to writing a 5,000 word essay for “Speaking For Humanity” but haven’t decided and are on the fence, because the human family wants you to “Come Talk to Us”.

At any rate, let’s also say I hope Mr. Gabriel’s performance provides some soul healing, inspiration, a motivation for better talks with family and friends, and good energy to all who experience it – in particular those who perhaps masochistically seek truth. Here’s to better headlines in the days, weeks, and months ahead…

(Thank you to Rob Harrah at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Headlines Talking.

    1. Rosaliene,
      Sometimes it seems like voluntary insanity taking in all the information… Must give credit to all the men and women making the efforts to get the truth out. Of course, we all would like to see an “improved”, more optimistic, and positive reality on Earth, so thanks to artists’ and courageous truth-tellers’ inspiration the good fight wages on… Thanks.


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