Speaking For Humanity: Volume One (Revised).

by Jerry Alatalo

2016 BookCoverImageDDD(Revised: This invitation originally had a deadline to respond, but because of disappointing response is now open-ended until the goal of 500,000 words or 100 essays becomes reached.)

This is an open invitation to men, women and young people around the Earth to directly take part in producing a book – hopefully in eventual multiple volumes, titled “Speaking For Humanity”.  First, ask yourself if you’d find it both interesting and agreeable to have your 5,000 word essay included in a nonfiction book with a cover like the image shown here. If so and enough writers from around the world join you, your words, perhaps combined with selected public domain words of men and women from the past, will be part of a creative book which could turn into something very positive, successful and special.

In the most basic terms, the kind of 5,000 word essays sought for inclusion in this book project are distillations of contributors’ best thoughts on how to literally bring about a better world now – and for the benefit of future generations. That is the only request and extent of specificity which will become conveyed in this open invitation to participate. Those who decide to take part can interpret this broad vision for the project however they wish.

To drive home the message of what we’re after for this creative book project: it is a combined 100 original voices, included in one – or more, if the project seriously catches fire and takes off – volume of 500, 000 words, focused on:

“…essayists’ best thoughts on how to literally bring about a better world now, and for the benefit of future generations.”

That is the sole criterion or rule for getting your 5,000 words into “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One” and published in book form, or Volume Two, Three… Once 500,000 words or 100 contributor essays become received, the first volume will become published and available for purchase on Amazon.com and through all popular book distribution channels.

With regard to time goals, as editor of “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One” I am requesting your 5,000 word essay become submitted as soon as possible from today, Friday October 23, 2015. Once the 500,000 word goal becomes reached, Volume One is complete, then Volume Two begins…

You alone will decide what’s in your 5,000 word contribution, but here are just a few simple details to make clear how to become involved.

  1. Specify if you would like your first name, age and country of residence published, or wish to remain anonymous. Choose “Henry, Age 63, Sweden”, “Anonymous #37, Age 23, Woman, Argentina”, “Susan, Age 89, Canada”, “Joey, Age 14, Italy”, “Anonymous #70”, or your wish.  No last names of contributors will ever become published in “Speaking For Humanity”.
  2. Compose your 5,000 word essay as a Microsoft Word document until you are completely satisfied with your message. (Consider using “Times New Roman” font – size 12). Please make certain your message is exactly how you want it, because it will become published for the entire world to read. Come back to this web post and enter your email address in the comments area below, and I will send you information on simple steps for getting your completed essay published in Volume One. If yours is the first essay received, it will be the first essay that people read in the book; if yours is the 98th essay received, it will be the 98th readers of the book come upon; if the 122nd, it will be the 22nd essay for the readers of Volume 2… and so on.
  3. Profits from the book’s sales will become divided three ways: 1) 1/3 to charity, 2) 1/3 to those contributors who choose to receive it, and 3) 1/3 to the editor. Preliminary price for each paperback copy will be in the ballpark of $29.99 – $49.99. Consider mentioning up to (3) trusted and worthy charities (optional) to help me decide where that 1/3 portion should become directed.  I will account for and record the email addresses of all essay contributors, calculate amounts once sales start becoming transacted, and contact everyone to arrange delivery of shared payments.
  4. In review: A) It is up to you to interpret “…better world now, and for future generations”, compose your between 4,900-5,000 word essay on your Microsoft Word program, edit until satisfied, B) specify your choice: first name, age, country or “Anonymous”, 3) Suggest up to (3) trusted and worthy charities, if you wish, 4) Enter your email in comments below when your essay is “perfect” and ready to publish.
  5.   Understand participation in “Speaking For Humanity” is best described as a “gentleman’s agreement”, and that the project’s success rests on the good intentions of all who participate. My hope is that “Volume One” is just the beginning, and that many future volumes will become published with positive consequences for humanity.

This open invitation went out via email to hundreds of men, women and organizations who are aware of the timing of this post at OnenessofHumanity.wordpress.com. These invitees were in turn asked to extend the invitation to family, friends, neighbors and any associates who they thought would be interested in participating. This book project is open to everyone in the world, for as long as it takes to compile 500,000 words.

As a way to describe the feeling behind and vision for “Speaking For Humanity”, I ask that those thinking of taking part think of their essay as one “stick” in the human family. In the following scene from the great 1999 film “The Straight Story” directed by David Lynch, the late actor Richard Farnsworth playing Alvin Straight meets a teenage girl who has run away from home because she’s pregnant. Alvin tells the runaway over a campfire about his lesson to his children of the unbreakable strength of families.

Try to imagine “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One” when watching the movie scene, and the book, when published,  represents 100 essays (sticks) bundled together and the unbreakable spirit of the human family.

Comments and/or suggestions are welcome. My most profound thanks to all who decide to take part in this multi-voice effort to communicate good ideas for a better world. Again, this open-ended invitation goes out to all people on Earth.

Best wishes,


(Thank you to Thiago Valim Schmidt at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One (Revised).

  1. RedHeadedBookLover

    I’ve just checked out your blog and it is so awesome! It is safe to say I love it (: but what I was going to say was that I really enjoyed this blog post and thought it was amazing (:
    Don’t stop writing anytime soon! I enjoy your posts too much! (:


    1. RHBL,
      Thanks for the kind words. Can I expect around 5,000 more of them for “Speaking For Humanity: Volume One”? 🙂 If so, when finished and satisfied with your 5,ooo word essay, enter your email address here, and it will absolutely go into the book. Ask your brown-haired, blonde-haired, gray-haired and bald friends to join in… It’s an open invitation, free-for-all book project and everyone’s invited. Thank you for stopping by and, once again, for your kind remarks.
      (Revised: I had originally given a deadline of October 30 to submit essays, but that’s been changed due to lack of response to an open-ended acceptance of essays until the goal of 500,000 words becomes reached. Thanks.)

      Liked by 1 person

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