Brazil bans corporate donations to parties and election campaigns

When Brazil’s historic, courageous actions in strengthening democracy become emulated and spread like a righteous wildfire to nations everywhere on Earth, then know a new and better world has truly arrived…

Three Worlds One Vision

Supreme Federal Court - Brasilia - Brazil

Sculpture “Justice” by Alfredo Ceschiatti
Supreme Federal Court – Brasília – Federal District – Brazil
Photo Credit: Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil

Sparked by national outcry for change, on September 17, 2015, Brazil took a giant leap forward. Amidst the fallout of the kickback scheme at the state-own oil company Petrobras, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) finally ruled in the case for “clean campaign finance” filed in 2013 by the Brazilian Bar Association. With a favorable verdict of eight to three, they declared legislation allowing businesses to finance election campaigns as unconstitutional. Considering that in Brazil’s 2014 general elections almost 95 percent of donations came from large corporations, this is a blow to the political power elite.

Justice Luiz Fuz, voting in favor of the ban on corporate donations, said: “I know that the verdict is important for democracy, because the inherent values to democracy presupposes a free participation, an ideological participation…

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