Conscientious Compassion—Bhikkhu Bodhi on Climate Change, Social Justice, and Saving the World

Buddhist Global Relief

Raymond Lam, from Buddhistdoor Global|2015-08-14

The Buddhist website Buddhistdoor Global recently conducted an interview with me via email. Based on the interview, the editor Raymond Lam wrote an article highlighting my work both on climate change and the mission of Buddhist Global Relief. Here is the article.–BB

VBB at Universalist Church At the Fourth Universalist Society in the City of New York.

American scholar and Theravada monk Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi might not receive the same high-profile press coverage as the Roman Catholic Church’s charismatic standard-bearer Pope Francis, but it is becoming evident to Buddhism watchers and commentators that his message is every bit as bold, eloquent, and sophisticated as the Pope’s. The recent focus on Bhikkhu Bodhi and other courageous Buddhist leaders who are highlighting imminent threats such as climate change or global hunger might well be influenced by a popular resonance with the urgency with which Pope Francis speaks…

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2 thoughts on “Conscientious Compassion—Bhikkhu Bodhi on Climate Change, Social Justice, and Saving the World

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jerry. I would like to highlight Bhikkhu Bodhi’s observation of the path taken by humanity:
    “The major threat I see today lies in the ascent of a purely utilitarian worldview driven by a ruthless economic system that rates everything in terms of its monetary value and sees everything as nothing more than a source of financial profit.”
    I would like to add that human bodies and human labor fuel the system.


    1. Rosaliene,
      Only rarely are economics or business students taught anything that contradicts “maximization of profits for shareholder”, which goes a long way in explaining the writer and your sentiments. The crazy thing about it is that the multi-billionaires for the most part see wealth accumulation as a “game”, as portrayed in Oliver Stone’s film “Wall Street”. It’ll become a major shock for them to find out when they leave this Earth that the mansions, yachts, exotic car collections, etc. ain’t going with them – plus having to answer the question “what did you do for your fellow man?”. Better days ahead… Keep the faith. 🙂 Thanks.


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