Democracy ‘Under The Influen$e’ And The Time To Act.

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys3-1Alphabet Dave Hagen – writer/director of an upcoming documentary about far too much money in American politics – believes the American people haven’t yet experienced the feeling that they “don’t want this situation to continue”. Because U.S. citizens haven’t reached a tipping point in that regard, large numbers have become apathetic politically, with the 2014 mid-term elections registering the lowest voter turnout in decades. In the meantime, the upcoming 2016 election cycle will probably become the election where more money becomes spent than ever before in history.

As a guest on “Buzz Saw” with Sean Stone, Dave Hagen talks about his film “Under the Influen$e” about money’s immense presence in elections, so he and the film’s participants are doing something to get money out of the political system, end apathy, and transform conditions which have led to corporations (literally) running the United States House of Representatives and Senate. Hundreds of organizations in America, and thousands around the Earth, are making similar efforts to reverse the global trend toward increasing centralization of political and financial power, and the time is right for men and women concerned about restoring democracy to renew focus on wiser organized campaigns aiming at necessary changes, entrance into races at all levels of elective office, and other plausible, effective forms of political action – with simultaneous intensification of efforts.

More than enough men and women in America and around the Earth have become aware of what is wrong in societies and nations in the year 2015; the “tipping point”/critical mass was met some time ago . The problems haven’t been mentioned/covered nearly enough, if at all, by the corporate news media, but millions who get their news from the internet have become reminded of major problems needing serious address again and again. In other words, everybody knows what the critical problems are; all too well, like the back of one’s hands. For serious and concerned men and women the time for endless repetition in describing and re-acknowledging the problems humanity faces is best perceived as over. How many more times must people use valuable time and effort continuing to rehash/cover facts that nearly everyone paying attention is already clearly aware of?

The cases have been more than sufficiently made. Now is the time for turning the page and getting to real solutions. Now is the time for graduated, next-level, powerful global action.

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Richard Wolff’s July Update Most Revelatory To Date.

by Jerry Alatalo

“Settle the economics question and you settle all other questions. It is the Aaron’s rod which swallows up the rest.”

– WILLIAM MORRIS (1834-1896) English writer, artist

mountain1Retired economics Professor Richard Wolff’s monthly meetings in a church in New York City have become attended by larger numbers of men and women since their start, as well as increasing numbers of people around the Earth over the internet as the talks are found at “RichardDWolff” on YouTube. His July meeting has received over 5,200 YouTube views in a little over a day after posting. Besides the increasing popularity of these monthly “Economic Update” productions, Mr. Wolff is a popular guest on radio and television talk/news programs and hosts a weekly radio program “Economic Update” on the Progressive Radio Network.

The men and women who attend his monthly meetings to hear him in person pay $10 each, and at the beginning of the July meeting he asks the thousands of  people from around the world who will watch for free on YouTube to consider donating $10 at his website:

What stood out for this writer while listening to Mr. Wolff’s July update/meeting was his description of the 1976 military coup in Argentina, how government officials after the end of the military dictatorship (1983) said “no” to repayment of debts incurred by the military dictatorship from 1976-1983, and particularly how it lined up with and confirmed the corruption and dangerous nature of geopolitical financial machinations described by John Perkins in Perkins’ bestselling book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”. Here we are talking about war by means other than with the use of military force, but financial force through bringing about the impossible-to-repay indebtedness of entire nations.

The most recent example of what economist Michael Hudson calls “war by finance” is Greece, where the government of Alexis Tsipras became forced – after unfortunately thinking that negotiations with the Eurogroup would be successful, mutually reasonable and lead to better conditions for the Greek people – to capitulate and accept further austerity measures, after financial terrorism in the form of euro/cash cutoff threatened economic destruction of the nation. Richard Wolff, after decades of economics study and university teaching, gives a brilliant lecture that paints historic and current economics events in a manner few teachers of economics are able to match.

His analysis of the economic conditions facing Americans is brutally honest, suggesting in the strongest terms the necessity for bringing about massive, effective change. That Richard Wolff’s talks are generating increasing interest not only from Americans but listeners and viewers around the Earth reinforces the validity and commonality of experience of what he shares.

The only slight disappointment in the talk is not incorporating the public banking solution into what is otherwise a stunning and revealing exposition of the fundamental realities of economics in the world. Richard Wolff deserves high praise and much appreciation for his truthful and passionate efforts at passing along his clearly immense knowledge of the subject. His teaching style has evolved to the point where what listeners likely have thought a very abstract, almost mystical field of study  – “only understood by scholars” – becomes easily grasped because of Mr. Wolff’s decades-of-study and expertise on economics. This talk is extremely informative, relevant, and highly recommended. One can add to that assessment the word important. Very impressive… Rating: five stars.

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P5+1 Pact Opens Path Toward Peace On Earth.

by Jerry Alatalo

“Peace is only possible if men cease to place their happiness in the possession of things ‘which cannot be shared’, and if they raise themselves to a point where they adopt an abstract principle superior to their egotisms. In other words, it can only be obtained by a betterment of morality.”

– JULIEN BENDA (1867-1956) French philosopher, psychologist

398-2-1Alphabet The unanimous resolution in the United Nations Security Council on the Joint Compromise Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran nuclear energy is a milestone in human history, and has resulted in a profound rise in collective peace consciousness. Most importantly, the agreement gives sure proof to all of what is possible when rational, honest discussion whose main goals are known by all becomes undertaken. Such endeavors fit perfectly and matches what criteria must become met in the annual awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Perhaps some day soon the combined, patient efforts of representatives from Britain, China, France, Germany, Iran, Russia and the United States will become the template and a common event, when men and women simply understand that discussion is the only, and superior, option for resolving differences between nations. One day soon, perhaps, the human race as one will look back on war and violence and see clearly how wrong, unnecessary and destructive were those choices, then express overwhelming gratitude for the discovery of wise, “win-win” solutions to historic problems.

From this point in the summer of 2015, during the time of year when families and friends around the Earth join together and enjoy the natural beauty and weather, those who persist in aggressive wars and violence of all variety – minor to major; physical, psychological or spiritual – will rightfully become perceived as practicing out-dated, absolutely un-evolved methods. One day soon, wars, violence, deception and all manner of infliction of harm upon fellow human beings will become universally recognized as actions out of step with the current level of human evolution; as actions that rightfully belong only on the pages of history books.

The JCPOA, as a historic event of profound significance, could be seen as analogous to humanity taking a good, long look in the mirror, coming to regret the unnecessary, harmful, destructive errors of the past – and current, then drawing upon the greatest moral strength available and vowing never again to commit those errors. Philosophers, religious scholars, theologians, adherents of the world’s great spiritual traditions, statesmen and women, artists, visionaries and countless generations from the beginning of recorded history have dreamed of, written and spoken about, and contemplated if it were possible to create… peace on Earth.

If it were possible to ask the men and women who have passed on and those alive now, every one would agree that the ideal time for peace on Earth is now.

Partial transcript of the address to the Security Council by Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Gholam Ali Khoshroo:

“No threats of sanctions or war could help sustain the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) in the long run if big powers fail to honor all its three pillars including total nuclear disarmament and right of all to use nuclear energy, and non-parties are rewarded by their intransigence. Looking out to the future, my government hopes that the JCPOA and Resolution 2231 herald a new chapter in the relations between Iran with the Council and the JCPOA participants. Iran is both in a position and willing to comply fully with its commitments under the JCPOA, because it is already committed to the fatwa of its supreme leader who has declared all weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear weapons, to be haram (illegal under Islamic law), and its defense doctrine also so requires”.

“We hope that our partners as well as the Council do the same with regard to their commitments under the same documents. The desire expressed by the Council to build a new relationship with Iran is encouraging all member states to cooperate with Iran in the framework of the JCPOA, in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy, and related projects – as well as its emphasis that the JCPOA is conducive to promoting and facilitating the development of normal economic and trade contacts with Iran – are all positive signs and all encouraging”.

“Mr President. While there is still focus on the nuclear issue, Iran expects it to have a wider positive implication for our region and the whole international community, including the following: First. The deal which was sealed on this basis of mutual respect and understanding is an important achievement for diplomacy over pressure and coercion, and could produce nothing with regard to Iran in the past 37 years. It reinforces faith in diplomacy as the most rational way to resolve differences in our interconnected world and shows that diplomacy can work and prevail over war and tension. It is therefore a clear message to those who still believe that they can achieve everything through force and coercion”.

“Second. The JCPOA has the potential to help trigger a major development in this region towards more cooperation and coordination aimed at addressing the real issues at hand. Thus, we earnestly hope that it helps turn the page in our region, enabling countries to close their ranks and fight resolutely against violent extremism and to move towards more cooperation to address the grave threats that our region and the world face. While our countries in the region have a very high stake in defeating terrorism, violent extremism and sectarianism, the JCPOA participants are also facing similar challenges in their security from this phenomenon. With the dust settled over the nuclear issue we are now free to focus on real issues and benefit from the better environment conducive to a wider cooperation among all actors”.

“Third. In the wake of this major development in the region, we renew our call to our neighbors and friends in the Persian Gulf and the wider region that Iran is ready to engage in good faith with all of them based on mutual respect, good neighborliness and brotherhood. We have many common challenges in our region to address, and many common opportunities to benefit from. This is the time to start working together against our most common and important challenges which includes above violent extremism”.

“Fourth. Israeli regime, following its central policy to start tension in the region, has done whatever in its power to sabotage and defeat any effort towards resolving this standoff over Iran’s nuclear energy program. In so doing, it proves once more that it does not see peace in our region in its interests and considers peace as an existential threat against itself. The ‘Iranophobia’ that they try to spread in the region and beyond is also to serve this nefarious purpose. Thus, we alert our friends and neighbors not to fall into their trap. In this context, it is also not surprising that the Israeli regime is the only obstacle in the way of establishing a nuclear weapons-free zone in the Middle East that my country initiated more than 40 years ago, and has ever since promoted”.

“We believe that nuclear warheads stockpiled by the Israeli regime constitute a grave threat to peace and security in our unstable region, and the Security Council should live up to its primary responsibility under the United Nations Charter and take necessary action to neutralize this”.

“Mr President. Let me recall that Iran as a nation with a rich culture and civilization has withstood enormous millennial storms while being steadfast in preserving its independence and identity. These have not been acquired through oppressing others or reneging on commitments. The steadfastness of our delegation showed during the negotiation stemmed from the fact that we only accept commitments that we can abide by. As Iran is resolute in fulfilling its obligations, we expect that our counterparts remain also faithful to this. Only through honoring commitments, displaying good faith, and adopting the right approach can diplomacy prevail over conflict and war in a world that is replete with violence, suffering and oppression. In this context, the JCPOA provides a solid foundation for further and more effective diplomatic interaction”.

“Before I conclude, let me thank those ambassadors who supported the JCPOA and also those countries who helped this deal happen. And also let me briefly react to some baseless accusations leveled by some members… some previous speakers. It is ironic that the distinguished ambassador of the United States accused my government of destabilizing the region and terrorism. The country that invaded two countries in our region and created favorable ground for the growth of terrorism and extremism is not well-placed to raise such accusation against my country. Feckless and reckless acts of the United States in our region for so many years are at the root of many challenges that we are now facing in our neighborhood”.

“Iran is a stable country in an unstable region. As we want our stability to persist, we do promote the stability in the region and we help our neighbors to stabilize and cooperate toward this end”.

“In conclusion Mr President. Let me also inform you that my delegation, upon the instruction from my government, is forwarding this statement of the Islamic Republic of Iran following the action today by the Security Council, to be circulated as a document of the Security Council”.

“Thank you, Mr President”.


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George Galloway Running For Mayor Of London.

by Jerry Alatalo


Alphabet At 60-years old, George Galloway is running for Mayor of London as a member of the Respect Party. His top priority should he become elected is creating affordable housing in the city, where rapidly rising real estate prices and rents have forced many middle and low-income people out of now too-expensive areas. Another of Mr. Galloway’s top agenda items in the event he became elected is cleaning up corruption in the City of London’s financial/banking sector. From his perspective, London’s financial district is a “…hotbed of vice, a hotbed of criminality. It’s an organized crime racket of the kind that Al Capone (mafia figure) used to run in Chicago (Illinois), and we intend that some of the people involved  should end their days like him – behind bars, however we can get them there”.

Talk show host and financial commentator Max Keiser introduced George Galloway in June before Galloway announced his run for Mayor, so, seeing Keiser’s popular show on RT “The Keiser Report” focuses on white-collar crimes of the “banksters”, the race for London’s top political position should certainly have more than enough fireworks. Combine that with the fact that London is the world’s foremost center for the global multi-trillion dollar tax haven industry, and there’s no question the mayoral race in London is THE political campaign to watch.

MintPress News’ Mnar Muhawesh asked George Galloway for his thoughts on the situation in Greece:

“Greece is merely the latest victim of that grim financial orthodoxy, which is contradictory of course, because the same people who tell us how orthodox they are, and how debts simply must be paid, are the same people who through quantitative easing have created out of thin air – out of nothing – hundreds of billions of dollars to give to banks. Not to give to the ordinary people who might have used it to kick-start the economy, but to give it to the banks who brought the economy to its knees in the first place”.

The people of Greece, in Galloway’s view, democratically voted and said “enough is enough.”

George Galloway has said prosecuting white-collar financial criminals will be one of his major agenda items if elected Mayor of London, with a population of 8 million – of which he believes 1 million voters will push him to victory. But it’s not just City of London/Wall Street criminals Mr. Galloway seeks to prosecute. Galloway has been one of the forces behind producing an opening-soon documentary “The Killing of Tony Blair.”

Ms. Muhawesh asked George Galloway “Will Tony Blair see the Hague?”

Galloway responded by saying that in the film’s title the word “killing” represents former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s killing of Britain’s Labor party, the killing of a million people in Iraq, and the personal financial killing Blair has been accumulating out of the first two “killings”.

Galloway had envisioned three goals for the film, and one has already been accomplished: Blair being sacked as so-called “peace envoy” to the Middle East. The two remaining goals for the Galloway and the makers of the film are: (1) making Tony Blair “so toxic that no respectable state” will ever again associate with him, and (2) prosecuting Blair at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The short interview then concludes with discussion of the current situation in the Middle East, where Galloway sees highly contradictory policies emanating from the United Kingdom, United States and other nations. The contradictions are presented with the recent signing of the P5+1 nuclear deal/siding with Iran in Iraq’s battle against ISIS, working against Syria in its battle with ISIS terrorists, and maintaining friendly relations with the region’s biggest financial backer of extreme terrorism – Saudi Arabia.

If George Galloway wins the race for Mayor of London, he will take office in May 2016. American presidential “fireworks” starts heating up a few months after May 2016, so the coming mayoral race in the City of London should receive a great deal of international attention and press coverage. Then again, maybe not. Who on Earth would have any interest in following boring stories about going after the world’s most notorious white-collar criminals, and holding Tony Blair accountable for crimes against humanity? Perhaps only George W. Bush and Dick Cheney…

Thank you, Mayor Galloway. 


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