Corporate Media Officially Dead.

by Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1Comcast Corporation, owner of MSNBC, has cancelled “The Ed Show” with Ed Schultz, allegedly because Ed Schultz wouldn’t submit to demands that he stop talking about the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) on air.  While one can look at this event as a communications industry/media milestone: the day progressive voices were once and for all effectively censored/banned from American mainstream corporate media, Comcast’s decision could result in a great backlash of increased opposition to TPP  in the United States and potential TPP signatory nations, as well as against the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in the US and Europe.

On the bright side, the trend toward people rejecting corporate cable media and finding the real news on the internet will only accelerate and grow, plus anyone in America looking for good deals on  used TVs will now face absolutely no difficulty finding them.

So it goes…

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10 thoughts on “Corporate Media Officially Dead.

    1. Robert,
      How are you. It might work out for the best with Ed Schultz; now he can relax, let his hair down and speak the truth he’s always wanted. Maybe he’ll team up with Papantonio. Brings back memories of Jonathan Kwitny and “The Kwitny Report” dropped by PBS, Donahue being dropped by MSNBC while being the network’s highest-rated show… Alternative media on the internet is the only source for truth on world events now… That fact only changes with very serious media reform. Until that unlikely event occurs, the internet is it.

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    1. Rosaliene,
      How are you. It’s truly amazing to stand back and see how media has evolved. It’s regretful that since the inception of television the medium hasn’t come near its original potential – to truthfully inform the people and better decisions could’ve been made. Sad to think of all the harm which could have been prevented. Thankfully, there isn’t any censorship or editing out of truth on the internet, where more and more people are producing and finding reality-based reporting while rejecting perceptions-manipulation produced by corporate media. Thanks.


    1. Stuart,
      It seems TPP, TTIP, and TiSA have as their main focus control of both private and public sectors. Those behind creation of the massive trade deals can see how, if nothing were done to stop it, people around the world have been organizing to keep public assets from being privatized, as well as calling for private institutions/entities to become nationalized. For example, if Greece were a signatory to TTIP now, then took the action of nationalizing their banks, the legal case resultant would be decided in the Investor-State Dispute Settlement panel. If Britain decided to reverse ongoing privatization of their National Health Service, and were signed up to TTIP, the same would apply. At least New Zealand media are reporting. In America, after Mr. Schultz was jettisoned, a large segment of the population have no idea what TPP, TTIP are, because the media hasn’t said one word about them. Your friend JF would describe the situation as outrageous and disgusting. And it surely is. Thanks.


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