All Praise To Barack Obama – He’s Giving Peace A Chance

GOP war-mongers, the Israeli lobby and Benjamin Netanyahu have a massive amount of very serious explaining to do – if David Stockman’s searing analysis is correct…


I have rarely found anything President Obama has done to be praiseworthy, and believe his domestic policies of Keynesian borrow and spend and incessant statist intervention in capitalist enterprise to be especially deplorable. But finally he has stood up to the War Party——and that could mark a decisive turning point in rolling back Washington’s destructive interventionism and imperial pretensions in the Middle East and, indeed, around the world.

The Iranian nuclear agreement is a decisive refutation of the War Party’s hoary claim that Iran is hell-bent upon obtaining nuclear weapons. This deafening but untruthful narrative was long ago debunked by the 2007 National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs). These authoritative findings were issued by the nation’s 16 top intelligence agencies in November 2007, and they held that what had possibly been a small-scale Iranian weapons research effort was abandoned in 2003 and never restarted. That NIE verdict has been reiterated several times since then.

Not surprisingly, it was also these NIE findings that…

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2 thoughts on “All Praise To Barack Obama – He’s Giving Peace A Chance

  1. I have always found David Stockman an interesting character. Along with Kevin Phillips and Paul Craig Roberts, he has remained true to the concept of conservatism, when the rest of the Republican Party has sold out to corporate banksters and fundamentalist Christians.


    1. Stuart,
      Only vaguely remember Kevin Phillips only that he was good, but Paul Craig Roberts and David Stockman write without pulling any punches. One can only appreciate men and women who boldly speak their minds, no matter where they line up on the political spectrum. My late brother-in-law said he abhorred liars, so he’d probably hold such truth tellers in high esteem. Those who speak lies in public seem to be rapidly losing their previously held falsely-earned “respect”, and that is a very good thing. Nobody can predict when, but it could be sooner than we think that liars will have become completely irrelevant – once again, a very good thing.


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