Born On The Fourth Of July.

by Jerry Alatalo

Oliver Stone won the Academy Award for Best Director. The 1989 film was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, based on Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic’s autobiograpical book by the same name. Tom Cruise, in his role as Ron Kovic, became nominated for Best Actor, but Daniel Day-Lewis won for his role in “My Left Foot”. The film was in the group nominated for Best Picture, but that went to “Driving Miss Daisy”. The film’s other Oscar was for best film editing. Out of many impossible to forget moments in Born on the Fourth of July, the one which became seared into memory was the powerful parade scene, attended by Ron Kovic as a boy, where young and healthy soldiers marched on Main Street, USA alongside past-war veterans. Oliver Stone successfully captured on film the sharp contrast between young soldiers and those who had seen the horrors of war.

Composer John Williams was also nominated for best original score – twice: for Born on the Fourth of July and Indiana Jones. That award went to “Little Mermaids”.

Have a peaceful, enjoyable and safe July 4th holiday everyone.


(Thank you to WorleyClarence at YouTube)

1989 trailer – “Born on the Fourth of July”


(Thank you to martyprod2 at YouTube)

John Williams conducts “Born on the Fourth of July”


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