Viktor Yanukovych: Donbas Is Genocide.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37BBC interviewed former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych recently, overthrown in February 2014 in what he calls an “illegal, unconstitutional coup”.

Some excerpts from the interview:

“When I left Ukraine there was peace. I didn’t want a war to happen. … Wages were paid on time in Ukraine; Ukraine was developing; we were thinking about the future. And what happened to the country after? This is the worst scenario that could ever happen. I will say this: it’s a nightmare that one could only see in a bad dream – but it’s real. The war is on, people die, people suffer. The country is split”.

On the over 100 deaths by sniper fire of police and protesters on Maidan in February 2014:

“I approached Ukraine’s Prosecutor General with a request that the facts were investigated publicly. Because the people don’t know that there is no investigation – it’s been 1 1/2 years. On the contrary, all the traces of the crimes that took place in Maidan are being destroyed. And today – 1 1/2 years later – Ukrainians understand that the government and the president weren’t interested in the killings. Those interested in the killings were the radicals and criminals who wanted to seize power in that way”.

“I did everything to not allow a war in Ukraine. And unfortunately in 1 1/2 years the authorities didn’t even start an investigation (into) who was shooting those people in uniform. The ones who were protecting the government buildings, those who maintained the order. They were fulfilling their duty”.

On Crimea:

“What is better for the people of Crimea? War or peace? The people will say peace. That’s when Crimea had a referendum, the people fear for their future, for the future of their kids. And Crimea didn’t accept the right-wing radical ideology that Maidan wanted to bring to it. And the people of Crimea – 90% of them – voted to leave Ukraine. I think it’s very bad, but it’s a consequence of Maidan. It’s a consequence of the radical nationalist movement that scared the people of Crimea, who were traditionally pro-Russian”.

“We understood the moods in Crimea and during the presidency of Yanukovych there was no question about secession or separatist movements. Today it is already a fact – today there is war. They talk about getting Crimea back. How? By war? Do we need another war? By the way, now people start talking about Transnistria – 500,000 people live there”.

“Now, you know, we should talk about the people of Crimea. Crimean citizens see everything that has been happening in Donbas, and they try to imagine what could have happened to them had they not gone to Russia. What would have happened to Crimea? The same as with Donbas or even worse?”

Viktor Yanukovych’s hometown is Donbas:

“I can’t watch without feeling pain. I see familiar faces and places, destroyed buildings, you know. It’s very hard. My ancestors’ graves are there; my parents’ were buried there, my relatives and friends. Of course it’s a terrible tragedy. I think what is happening now in Donbas is genocide. Genocide of Donbas people”.

“30% of Russians have ethnic roots in Ukraine, Russia can’t stand aside. … My opinion is that the constructive role of Russia is preparing the Minsk agreements. Why the Minsk agreements not being implemented now? This is the question for the two sides to answer. Donbas and Kiev”.

After seeing a post critical of BBC for showing its British viewers only segments of the interview dealing with Yanukovych’s rich lifestyle and private zoo, it took a short time of searching to find a video of the interview including topics focused on the important aspects of the crisis in Ukraine. In the interest of transparency and truth about that currently tension-filled area of the Earth, Viktor Yanukovych’s interview has been shared here.

This writer does not take “sides” in any conflict because there are no sides on this Earth – only truth, oneness and the human family. To allow the best chance for peacefully resolving differences between people of different nations and regions, what is first necessary is building a truth/fact-based foundation before moving forward.

Reported numbers of deaths since March 2014 from Ukraine’s civil war range from 6,000 to 50,000.



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