Music For Peace In Ukraine.

by Jerry Alatalo

Anacapa IslandValentina Lisitsa was born in Ukraine and is one of the world’s greatest living pianists. She recently returned to Ukraine for some performances with the hope of helping to bring peace to her native country. All that’s needed to resolve the crisis and differences in that nation is for the leaders from both sides to simply agree to sit together for a private concert by Ms. Lisitsa – playing Beethoven.

If the leaders from both sides in Ukraine – after listening to 90-minutes or 2-hours of true artist Valentina Lisitsa performing the musical compositions of true genius Beethoven –  aren’t profoundly moved and unanimously know in their hearts that peace is the only option, then God help us all.

(Thank you to In The Now at YouTube)

(Thank you to Valentina Lisitsa at YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Music For Peace In Ukraine.

    1. Lo,
      A feeling of embarrassment comes when understanding what Valentina Lisitsa has accomplished in her artistry, then what Beethoven and other great musicians created. It’s truly inspiring to know artists like her are here sharing this lifetime, and that Beethoven once walked the Earth.


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