Senate Bill S. 1471 Seeks Release Of 28 Pages.

by Jerry Alatalo

United States Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, and Ron Wyden of Oregon are co-sponsors of S. 1471, a bill calling for President Barack Obama to release the 28 pages pointing toward Saudi Arabian financing of 9/11 – classified by the George W. Bush administration, and kept out of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Some six months ago, Congressmen Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts, Walter Jones of North Carolina, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and others sponsored a bill calling for the same: release/declassification of the 28 pages. In the following video from June 2 during a press conference on S. 1471, Stephen Lynch called the continuing classified status of the documents “appalling and a disgrace”. Thomas Massie revealed the absolutely astounding fact that – many months after the bill to declassify became presented before Congress – most of our colleagues in the House have not read them.”

It is truly unbelievable that United States elected representatives, while those 28 pages have been fully available for their study for years, have not taken the time to read them. One could go off on a very lengthy rant about members of the United States Congress not reading these documents, but the fact that most haven’t taken the time to inform themselves fully on the major historical event of the 21st century is baffling and disturbing beyond comprehension.

Contact your family, friends, local/state/national representatives, media, email contacts, co-workers, etc. and tell them to support/act to bring about passage of Senate Bill S. 1471. Surviving family members of those who perished on 9/11 and the American people have the right to learn the truth.

Congressman Massie said that President Barack Obama could release the 28 pages “tonight or tomorrow” with the simple stroke of a pen. Fourteen years of waiting for that vital truth to become revealed is long enough.

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5 thoughts on “Senate Bill S. 1471 Seeks Release Of 28 Pages.

  1. Saudi Arabia is like the Medusa of the Middle East – a multi-headed beast that turns all onlookers to stone. That they are the U.S. government’s principal “ally” in the region is testament to the wholesale corruption of American foreign policy. Considering their dealings with Al-Qaeda, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, radical fundamentalist sects in Libya, the Syrian rebels, ISIS, and now Yemen, it’s difficult to imagine a more duplicitous regime than the Saudi Royal Family.

    Release the 28 pages now.


    1. Robert,
      Just before noticing your comment was reading an article by Peter Dale Scott about international oil/gas market that ties into Obama’s decision to keep the documents classified. The agreement between US and Saudi Arabia accepting only the dollar (petrodollar) as payment for oil seems the clear roadblock to release of the 28 pages. As brutal as it gets on Earth… Mr. Scott, if you’re not familiar (I’ve only read some of his stuff.. a few interviews..), was praised by Daniel Ellsberg, and the following link (about oil) has a list (same page) of other articles by him at Voltaire Net. The article on Hidden Group… and continuity of government (COG) relates to the Scott Bennett/Fetzer interview. Wow.

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