Global Conscious Awakening.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-21Alphabet After listening to cardiologist Dr. Pim van Hommel describe his years of recording near death experience (NDE) accounts from patients in the last post, another doctor – Eben Alexander – actually had a near death experience and he, too, wrote a book about it. The book is “Proof of Heaven”, of which some will be familiar as Eben Alexander published it a few years ago and made all the bestseller lists. Came across a fascinating twenty-minute interview of Dr. Eben Alexander and thought it might be interesting and corroborating to contrast the doctor who worked with patients who’d had NDEs and the doctor who had one himself.

Dr. Pim van Hommel and Dr. Eben Alexander share the view that consciousness is not brain-based – Pim van Pimmel coming to that conclusion based on discussions with NDE patients, Eben Alexander from personal experience. So, this is almost (well, it seems obvious) scientific confirmation, in that their agreement involved both utilizing university-degreed knowledge of medicine in an intense, in-depth study of the phenomena. For Eben Alexander, trying to explain what he experienced as brain-based was the first challenge he faced after returning to his body, then recovering his memory, educational knowledge, ability to speak and remember family, friends and colleagues.

It’s interesting that his brain was the organ in his body which became severely attacked by a type of virus and almost killed him, so, because his brain was totally incapacitated, the NDE – the consciousness traveling – couldn’t have been the work of the brain. He admits to being changed initially, but describes how the real, powerful changes occurred when his medical knowledge returned. At that point he became convinced that consciousness, spirit, or soul represents a “grander entity at the basis of all that exists”, and that “our souls are eternal spiritual being(s)”.

He sees himself and the millions of men and women who’ve shared the near death experience as examples of people who’ve come to completely new understandings that eliminate boundaries between science and spirit; who’ve transcended the falsehood of dogmas in both science and religion. Dr. Alexander stresses that he strongly recommends meditation as a “smoother, more powerful” option over drugs for attaining spiritually transcendent experiences, and that drugs should only be used, if at all, in a “sacred setting”. He sees meditation, which he practices for 2-3 hours a day, as a “cleaner” way to go, and warns that drugs “create distortion” while presenting “very challenging landscapes”.

Along with Dr. Pim van Hommel, Dr. Eben Alexander sees the NDE phenomenon as not a new civilization development but very ancient. The doctors also share views on the high significance of oneness and interconnectedness of all people, all life and all things – all of creation:

“All those religious systems, once you get beyond the dogma and any of the separatist details at the surface, (that) they all converge on the same very powerful unifying principles of manifesting the love of the Creator for the creation. And as I said earlier, the ascendance of our souls and soul groups has everything to do with leaving that notion of self – and importance of self versus no-self – way behind in the dust, and ascending toward that oneness and the love and the compassion and forgiveness. And that’s where this world is headed now”.

“The change that’s coming on this world will be unprecedented and it is all about love and harmony. It’s all about how we are now at a point where the status-quo and continuing with the way we’ve done business, especially in the 20th and early 21st century, is not really compatible with an ongoing, sustainable world. This is coming for a reason… the change is coming for a reason. It involves radical, fundamental change of all our beliefs as stewards of this planet. Just as I always make a big point that we have free will choices, going with love or out of fear, I don’t believe it’s our current destiny to follow a course of planetary suicide. But in fact that’s exactly where this world is headed if we do not change the status-quo”.

“That’s why this conscious awakening is happening now – for a reason. But it does involve very significant change and each one of us becoming personally involved”.



4 thoughts on “Global Conscious Awakening.

  1. Dan

    Two comments.
    1.For the past 5 years my wife and I have sought out and watched any video online describing NDE’S. In the past year we can’t keep up with all the new ones being posted. This is a huge shift in sharing the experience itself.
    2. A year ago I could not stand any longer the way dogma is preached in a lifelong faith I grew up in, name is not important, wife and I started going to a local Mainline Christian church. What is my point? For us the moving pipe organ music with accompaniment and with semi pro choir and a very traditional service gives us a refill of spiritual gas/grace each week. There are other ways to get in touch with that loving God! Meditation is not the only way. Dogma does not exist in this church we attend. I look forward to my Sunday worship and recharging!

    A real new age is upon us I agree .. Fear and judgment is going out the window and being replaced with a love of all humanity and God the creator in many places. Where have you found it?


    1. Hello Dan,
      How are you and thank you for commenting. Given the sometimes frustratingly slow pace of human spiritual evolution, for which explanations most likely will remain a great mystery, it seems the human race should have achieved heaven on Earth a long time ago. Answering the questions of how and why indigenous cultures in every region of the Earth (Native American for example in North America) living close to nature and in harmony suffered genocide is extremely difficult from the spiritual perspective. Perhaps one gives too much credit to the rising interest in and popularity of NDE phenomena, but it seems obvious we are dealing with divine revelation. It’s impossible for people who read the (jaw dropping) recollections/accounts of those who’ve had a near death experience to ignore the fact that these are messages conveying the greatest spiritual wisdom the world has ever seen. In other words, speaking for myself, the NDE surpasses all previous philosophical/religious/spiritual revelation (not dismissing previous revelation) as related to power, profundity, intensity and true transformational potential. Have you gathered I’m a big fan of NDE studies for what it offers all people and all of creation? 🙂
      Thanks again, Dan. Best wishes,


  2. shalomtoall

    I would have to describe the Spiritual Evolution we’re undergoing as a chain reaction. I’m not sure what led me to my spiritual awakening but within two months my perception of the universe has been transformed. I remember now it came from a lyric I heard in a song “I know the universe works mentally” This sparked my research in Quantum Physics and this coincided with a book I had been reading by Jonathon Black. Suddenly things fell into place and through being at the right place at the right time I found out about NDE’s- I’m not quite sure how I caught on to these still. From there my investigations of quantum physics, consciousness in the human mind and the universe all linked up. Bow I have an understanding which I can’t tell anybody around me because I’ll seem like I’ve gone nuts. If I’m crazy I don’t think I want to be sane.


    1. shalomtoall,
      Thank you for your honest observations. It’s unfortunate that, for whatever reasons, engaging in discussions about philosophical, spiritual matters doesn’t happen more often for the reasons you point out, but on the positive side that seems to be changing and more discussions are occurring. Regarding NDEs, my view is that personal accounts are divine spiritual revelations which offer humanity truth as relates to ultimate reality. Similar to your reticence to share your understanding with others, persons who’ve had NDEs were afraid to share those experiences with others for fear of being perceived as “crazy”, and some said nothing until becoming aware that others had the same experience – at which point they felt tremendous relief, because they then knew they were not alone. On your last point “If I’m crazy I don’t think I want to be sane”, remember John Lennon said “It’s weird not to be weird”. 🙂 Thanks again for your comment, and best of luck to you. Jerry


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