Honor And Ukraine.

by Jerry Alatalo

“The 20th century, which was born proclaiming peace and justice, died bathed in blood. It passed on a world much more unjust than the one it inherited. The 21st century, which also arrived heralding peace and justice, is following in its predecessor’s footsteps. In my childhood, I was convinced that everything that went astray on Earth ended up on the moon. But the astronauts found no signs at all of dangerous dreams or broken promises or hopes destroyed. If not on the moon, where might they be? Perhaps they were never misplaced. Perhaps they are in hiding here. Here on Earth.”

– EDWARD GALEANO  “MIRRORS: Stories of Almost Everyone”

393American military advisers are in Ukraine training so-called “National Guard” volunteers. Some are comparing the sending of military advisers to Ukraine and those military advisers in Vietnam before outbreak of catastrophic war in that nation. Although virtually unreported in western media and unknown by most Americans, one has to wonder how training “extremist nationalists” in Ukraine contributes to peace, while much controversy has become generated because of the makeup of those volunteers.

Geopolitical analyst/researcher William Engdahl wrote a recent piece on California and the American west’s drought, how continuation of the drought seriously threatens the country’s food supply as California grows a large percentage of America’s fruits and vegetables, then he suggested a connection to Ukraine’s tremendous acreage of farmland. Whether his speculation holds any truth or not with regard to American soldiers’ training of Ukrainians – that one of the factors for the ousting of Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, an ensuing civil war and tensions in the country is replacing food lost to drought in California – recent reports state that Monsanto and other corporations have purchased large tracts of farmland in Ukraine.

It may be there is no California drought-Ukraine linkage, and that the “breadbasket of Europe” – Ukraine – has only become the target of agribusiness, energy and other corporations/oligarchs determined to invest and set up shop in the country. Either way, the Ukraine situation hasn’t become completely resolved, sanctions over Crimea against Russia remain – and could be reinstated in the near future, and strong statements are still being made by US, EU, NATO and Russian officials.

Some analysts see American military trainers in Ukraine as a “stepping up” of tensions, a “meandering” or “sleepwalking” toward possible escalation of violence, and that people in the west must stop refusing to accept the realities of events in Ukraine by calling them “propaganda”; the west must face reality. Panelists on a recent edition of RT”s “Crosstalk” are hoping that people in Britain, the United States, and other western/EU nations start directing hard questions on Ukraine to their government decision-makers. They are hoping for that development from the sense that supplying, training, and providing military aid to Kiev’s government will encourage re-escalation of violence against Ukrainians in the east/southeast regions. This would threaten the Minsk II agreement between Hollande, Merkel, Poroshenko and Putin.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union during World War II, yet over the weekend celebration of Victory Day and the defeat of Nazi Germany Ukraine and Russia held their events on separate days. During World War II and the battle against Nazi Germany and Japan, nations lost millions of soldiers and people:

Russia – 25 million lives lost

China – millions of lives lost

Britain – 500,000 lives lost

France – 500,000 lives lost

United States – 460,000 lives lost

After British Prime Minister David Cameron compared Russia to Nazi Germany over Ukraine Vladimir Putin still invited him to attend the Victory Day celebration in Moscow, but Cameron, President Barack Obama and other western heads of state declined. In Kiev’s V-E (Victory in Europe) Day celebration, the Russian flag was absent while those of the EU and Ukraine flew – unfortunately rejecting Russians’ great sacrifice in the war, and most likely deepening differences among Ukrainians.

Of all men born in Russia in 1923, by 1945 80% were dead due to World War II.

One of Crosstalk’s guests made thoughtful remarks at the end:

“So for this huge event, and at the end of the day, Putin was right to invite Cameron and all the other leaders, because it’s about remembering those who sacrificed in the face of this existential threat to everybody that was fascism – and that’s really what counts. And so all these games, the political posing that’s going on in Kiev, for me is totally inappropriate. It is to sully the memory of those who gave their lives to defend our grandfathers and grandmothers and families. And it’s a shame that the whole of western politics is coming to this”.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the days ahead. Among topics of the meetings is the situation in Ukraine. Here’s hoping the discussions are entirely honorable.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)

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