Canada Public Bank Reformer: Private Bank Execs Asked Me ‘Where Are You Going With This?’

by Jerry Alatalo

FedOn the topic of public banking, found an excellent talk posted by the Canadian group COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform) on their new YouTube channel. COMER members initiated the legal challenge to the Bank of Canada which has a chance to prevail and transform Canada’s monetary system.

Visit for a wealth of articles on monetary reform, and more information on what could become a world-changing event in international finance.

During a conference organized by COMER in January 2015, one of the speakers was a City of Toronto council member and public bank advocate Ms. Kristyn Wong-Tam. Her experience began when her and other members of the Toronto City Council participated in a survey answering the question “What can be done about Toronto’s financial crisis?” Ms. Wong-Tam describes how – after she suggested a public bank for Toronto – she became engaged in a discussion with one of a local newspaper’s reporters and eventually wrote a 1,200-word essay, which was then published.

The article raised a few eyebrows according to Ms. Wong-Tam, and illustrated both lack of citizens’ awareness of the benefits of public banking along with the need for education. She described first meetings with finance managers for the City of Toronto to talk about establishing a public bank, and their – coming from either non-awareness of the concept or stubborn unwillingness to change – telling her “we don’t need a public bank… we can already borrow at competitive rates… but is this even legal?”

She told the audience that people need to begin strongly advocating for public banking by spreading the word, commenting on national on-line websites, and explaining the good financial management aspects to friends and relatives in their areas. In her estimate, the ongoing COMER challenge in the courts to the Bank of Canada and establishing public banks across the country are part of a very important issue – possibly the most important issue – for Canadians.

Interestingly, Ms. Wong-Tam shared with the audience that after publication of her op-ed article she began making a good number of contacts with people requesting to talk with her – including investment bankers operating off-shore, professors of law and economics, among others who told her, “you’re on the right track… keep going”. In sharp contrast, she talks about private bank executives from some of the largest financial institutions trying to find out “where are you going with this?” and “how far are you going?” Giving evidence of how much resistance from the private banking sector will come forth for serious public bank advocates, she describes the answers she gave while acting “uninformed” about the finance concept: “Oh, I don’t know. I’m just asking a question. I really don’t know the answer, maybe you can help me out”.

She then gives encouragement to members of COMER for their legal case against the Bank of Canada and advocates for public banking in the room by reinforcing her experience, telling the audience: “you’re on the right track”.

Finally, Ms. Wong-Tam shares her experience related to Canada’s postal service and an 800-page study on ways to sustain the national organization by diversification of revenue, in particular establishing postal banking. She said she experienced astonishment to find 701 pages of the 800-page completed report had become redacted, leading her to ask “what are you hiding?” She suggested redaction of 88% of the government report was close to or actually an act of treason, similar to poisoning a public water supply.

She again stressed in closing remarks her belief that educating the public on public finance reform is an important task, and that citizens of Canada must become “involved in this crucial issue”.


(Thank you to Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) at YouTube)


Truth About Syria No Longer Secret.

by Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1Alphabet Syria’s United Nations Ambassador Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari and others spoke to a large group of Syrian-Americans recently, telling the men and women in the room, “There is no secret anymore with regard to what is going on in Syria”.

Those who have facilitated with money, arms and training the foreign terrorist mercenaries who’ve been killing and destroying in Syria for over four years must be prosecuted and receive punishment for their war of aggression and crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court.  Failure to do so represents a historic and supreme injustice.

Partial transcript of Dr. al-Jaafari’s address:

“Anybody who has still some doubts or skepticism about what is going on in Syria – he has a problem nowadays. Anybody who casts any doubts with regards what’s going on in Syria, he has a problem – himself. Otherwise, is it  a coincidence that after four years of total denial, as I said, the fifteen heads of state, the fifteen members of the (United Nations) Security Council, came all together to endorse the Security Council Resolution 2178, which condemns, prohibits all kinds of sponsoring of terrorism, all kinds of enrollment of terrorists, all kinds of cross-border mercenary operations. Is it a coincidence? It is not”.

“It is not because even those who are somehow involved in the Syrian bloodshed came to the Security Council to endorse the resolution”.

“So, nowadays it is not a civil war in Syria; some people would like to qualify the Syrian crisis as a civil war. It is not. Some others say, ‘you know what, it’s a dictatorship killing its own people’. It is not. Some others say, ‘you know what, it’s about animosity and hatred among the communities living in Syria’. It is not”.

 “So, from here and there you may hear different version of political analysis about what’s going on in Syria. But none of those versions are accurate. The only truth, and nothing but the truth, is that the war in Syria – it’s a war between terrorism and the Syrian government. And nothing else”.

“This is the issue; this is the whole story. We get rid of this garbage all over the world (mercenaries), we send them to Syria to kill the Syrians, and be killed by the Syrians. And when some of them try to get back to their homeland, the British Prime Minister or the Australian Prime Minister makes a statement saying, ‘you know what, these terrorists, we withdraw their citizenship from them’, so that they will not get back to Australia or England. What does that mean? That means ‘keep killing the Syrians over there, until you are killed by the Syrians’. This is incitement to terrorism. This is called according to the United Nations incitement to terrorism”.

“The war is not only a military one. We are engaged in a diplomatic and political war at all fronts. Is it also a coincidence that this terrorist entity called Islamic State is being helped by the Saudis, the Qataris and the Turks? From in the north, our border with Turkey, downward to the south to the Saudi border. Why? We should ask ourselves why they chose to plant Islamic State in this area – from the Turkish border to the Saudi border. The reason is very simple. Because many politicians in the world, they call themselves secular, but they are not. They are not”.

“All their concern and obsession is to break what they call the Shiite Crescent, that they kept talking about for years. They think that everything in the area taking place is about religion. It is not. It is not. If we follow this propaganda, we would lose the war. We shouldn’t endorse such wrong analysis. This is wrong, and it is dangerous, and it will lead nowhere – especially in Syria”.

“We want peace; we want genuine peace. But we will never capitulate; we will never surrender. We want a genuine peace, a peace that preserves the identity of Syria, a peace worked out by the Syrians themselves, without any foreign interference. A peace that will not lead to the division of Syria. A peace that will preserve the co-existence and co-habitation… you name it. We need to be Syrians. This is how we have lived for thousands of years, and this is how we intend to continue living on the land of our homeland”.

“Only in Syria do you have the grave of John the Baptist in the middle of the mosque. Only in Syria you have a Mufti’s adviser who is Christian. Only in Syria, when we form a government or cabinet, we don’t look into the identity of the new ministers. We may have mistakes – we have a lot of mistakes, but we don’t repair mistakes by committing collective suicide. Or by surrendering the country to mobs and thugs”.

“Four guys from Burkina Faso got killed in Syria. Burkina Faso, can you imagine that. They were indoctrinated and told to go to Syria for jihad. They forgot to make jihad in Palestine. And the Saudis nowadays found out that fighting the poor Yemenis is a legitimate war. For decades the Saudis never thought for a second about making jihad for the Palestinians”.  


(Thank you to Nizar Abboud at YouTube)