Tesla’s Powerwall Puts Huge Crack in Carbon-Based Energy Dominance

Are you the type of person who gets excited when hearing of new, revolutionary, civilization-transforming energy technology?


“I think we should collectively try to do this, and not win the Darwin Award.” — Elon Musk

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This week, with much fanfare, Elon Musk’s Tesla launched a new venture — Tesla Energy.

It’s a move that propels Telsa into direct competition with giant fossil energy companies. One that promises to disrupt the global power markets and to free a vast number of consumers now held captive to home and transport based fossil fuel energy use. An offering that provides a glimmer of hope for an escape path out of our current nightmare of an ever-heating global climate.

(Elon Musk presents Powerwall together with a nice, succinct summary of our current carbon emissions crisis.)

Freeing the Fossil Fuel Energy Slaves

As with Tesla’s earlier electric vehicle offerings, its new energy product seems humble. But don’t let looks fool you, because this little beast packs one…

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2 thoughts on “Tesla’s Powerwall Puts Huge Crack in Carbon-Based Energy Dominance

  1. I think the price may have to come down a bit before Tesla’s new battery will pose a serious challenge to fossil fuels. Either that or there will need to be major government subsidies similar to what Germany implemented about a decade ago to help grow their solar energy industry.

    At $3,000 dollar for a Tesla battery and $7,000 -10,000 for a PVC solar array, a solar power system is out of reach for the vast majority of Americans – especially during a recession.

    My personal view is that Concentrated Solar Power, especially in sunny areas like California and the Southwest, is probably a more “democratic” renewable energy technology in that it benefits low income Americans. At least as things stand.

    If we could somehow elect a president with the testicularity to end fossil fuel subsidies and transfer the monies to renewable technologies, that would be a whole different story.


    1. Stuart,
      So, your looking for a president who favors the political philosophy of “testicularism”. 🙂 Couldn’t resist… But, yes, the idea of this kind of energy technology, and other forms, installed on every building in America is an excellent one, visionary and worth pursuing. All it takes is overcoming the special interest owners of fossil fuels-based energy corporations, emulating Germany’s success, and doing it. But, as the late solar-energy pioneer Hermann Scheer of Germany said, “it will take no less than a strong people’s movement for change to come – politicians will not help..”, because the monopoly owners’ financial and political power is very deeply entrenched. Great how Tesla is giving the technology away – open source knowledge for everybody.


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