Vote Sanders In 2016.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-9Alphabet Candor, a quality Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ constituents think he possesses, means frankness or sincerity – synonymous with the following: candid, honest, open, earnest, guileless, genuine, true, unaffected, real and unfeigned. This post was originally titled, “For Candor, Vote Sanders In 2016”, but it seemed ‘rhymingly’ hokey so shortened that to, “Vote Sanders In 2016”. If Bernie Sanders became President of the United States, people would need to go back to perhaps Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) for the last American leader with genuine sincerity. Roosevelt was so honest with the American people that they broke the rules of the Constitution and elected him three times.

Roosevelt was famous for his statement “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”, the New Deal, and his weekly “Fireside Chat” on radio listened to by men, women and children religiously across the country. Perhaps a similar statement for Bernie Sanders is “The only thing we have to fear, is oligarchy itself”; he’s done a call-in TV show with Thom Hartmann for years – “Brunch With Bernie” – a near carbon-copy, identical version of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Fireside Chat”, and with the kind of changes Bernie is proposing his vision is certainly “New Deal-like”.

On most issues Americans care about, the issues where Americans’ opinions reach 70% favorability and above, Bernie Sanders holds the same stance. That fact could be described as “FDR-esque”. He’s never run a negative campaign advertisement, and, because he won’t take corporate/super-pac money, he probably won’t be running a lot of positive ads either. FDR welcomed the hatred and venom directed toward him from Wall Street’s money-junkies during his time as President, and you know, one has the feeling that Bernie Sanders appreciates that quality about FDR and voluntarily seeks to emulate him no matter the level of animosity coming from the billionaire class.

Senator Sanders may become the people’s-champion, underdog choice for President of the United States, and there’s something powerful about the way Americans love their underdogs. Bernie Sanders will express his ideas directly during the campaign in ways which could become very uncomfortable for the rest of the field. In other words, anything less than candidates’ speaking to voters and revealing their real positions on the issues, without spin, will become viewed/sensed by voters negatively in the same manner as lie detectors identify liars.

Thom Hartmann has worked with Senator Sanders for years, so he may show a certain level of personal bias when he ends the report by saying “he’s got a chance”. In all candor, frankness, sincerity, honesty, openness, earnestness, genuineness, truth, etc. – after announcing he’s running for President, Bernie Sanders may indeed have a shot. Time will tell.


(Thank you to Thom Hartmann at YouTube)