Next Time You Consider Getting A Flu Shot…

by Jerry Alatalo

Book2Alphabet Because of having purchased a few of Dr. Gary Null’s health-related books through the years and appreciating his stance on more-natural, non-pharmaceutical ways people have available to them for staying fit, as well as his discussions with interesting guests on geopolitical issues during his radio program at Progressive Radio Network, a project he’s working on is the focus of this post.

(Update/correction after posting this: I had presumed that Dr. Suzanne Humphries was going to join in discussion with Gary Null on his show, but apparently for now – until Mr. Null interviews Dr. Humphries at some point in the future – Gary Null is playing the audio from Dr. Humphries’ YouTube presentations – not talking to her directly on consecutive editions of his radio show. I apologize for my less-than-accurate apprehension. This error on my part does not subtract from admiration I have for both doctors and their efforts on the issue of vaccinations. Jerry)

In Dr. Null’s hour-long radio show, he usually spends the first half-hour or so on the topic of health, sharing with listeners any new information on studies proving the benefits of certain herbs or vitamins, the dangers of certain pharmaceuticals, effective new treatments for certain diseases, etc. In one of his recent shows he announced that he and Dr. Suzanne Humphries were going to join up for a number of shared discussions on the topic of vaccinations. (See correction)

After writing down Dr. Humphries name to research/find out more about her, going to YouTube it was good to see she had a channel there, so one of her videos is presented in this post. Most people are familiar with YouTube’s page setups where to the right side of the video you’re watching has related videos, and, while listening to Dr. Humphries, a related video was a 1-hour 48-minute film about vaccinations made by Gary Null. So, both Dr.’s Humphries and Null are experts on the issue and science of vaccinations.

As someone who hasn’t received a vaccination of any type for a very long time, personal experience of adverse side effects from them are something I obviously can’t speak to. Vaccinations and their possible dangers is a topic that the writer has only minor awareness of, but since thinking about posting on the issue memory of the sudden death – without a medical cause discovered – of a woman in-law of a relative came to mind. This woman had retired along with her husband, in seemingly good physical condition for her age with no chronic disease, and suddenly ended up in intensive care for a few days before passing away.

So, the thought came to mind if it was possible that perhaps the woman had been vaccinated with a flu shot in the previous weeks before passing. Whether or not trying to contact her husband to ask about that possibility comes to pass is touchy because it’s a very personal subject. If men or women reading these words have personal experience of family, friends or acquaintances who have become sick or suffered physical problems shortly after receiving vaccinations, please share details in the comment section. Thank you.

For those who go ahead to learn more from Dr.’s Humphries and Null about what they perceive are the dangers of vaccinations, if what they present makes sense and you have personal relations with nurses, doctors or others in the health profession, please don’t hesitate to share any information you believe it’s important for them to become aware of. Dr. Humphries’ presentations are complex at times, using language only those trained in the various fields of medicine would understand, yet her clearly evident in-depth research – research perhaps she alone has undertaken – warrants dissemination of her findings to as many health-care professionals as possible, in my humble opinion.

Not being someone who’s received any medical training, but someone who has read more than the average person on the topic of alternative health/medicine, the fuel for this post is possibly sparing people from potential adverse side effects of vaccinations – especially young ones who’ve just entered the world. Some hold the position that vaccinations are part of an evil conspiracy to de-populate the planet by real-life practitioners of eugenics, but the reason for pushing vaccinations seems much more about making money.

Dr. Humphries in her video states that the World Health Organization is a business, and that physicians receive little to no training during their university studies on vaccinations. Intuition, for lack of medical training to make a serious assessment of Humphries and Null’s perceptions, says that these two doctors have something important to say on this – unfortunately and unnecessarily – controversial issue. Check out what they have to say. It might make a big difference the next time you or people you care about get ready to head off for a vaccination.


Dr. Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network about page:

The 34-minute trailer to “Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines” (September 2013) directed by Gary Null:

(Thank you to Gary Null at YouTube)


Dr. Humphries video below is Part VI (2015) of a series available for viewing at her YouTube Channel.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ YouTube Channel:

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