Senator Sanders: ‘We Need A Political Revolution In This Country.’

by Jerry Alatalo

“The end of democracy is freedom; of oligarchy, wealth; of aristocracy the maintenance of education and national institutions; of tyranny, the protection of the tyrant.”

ARISTOTLE Greek philosopher

ocean44Alphabet The GOP-controlled Congress is trying to repeal the deceptively named “death tax” to influence Iowa voters as the 2016 presidential election revs up. The term death tax, in actuality an estate tax which affects only a handful of billionaire class Americans, became created then repeated incessantly to make Americans believe it applied to everybody. Everybody dies, right? So naïve, uninformed Americans started showing up at Tea Party events holding signs reading “stop the death tax”, and the propaganda worked, resulting in a significant number of Tea Party candidates winning seats in Congress.

George W. Bush used similar propaganda tactics in 2000, deceptively describing his tax cut plan for the billionaire class by telling campaign crowds across the country “the average American will save $6,000 per year with our tax plan”. The important point to stress is Bush’s use of the word average in that earlier example of incessantly repeated campaign propaganda. Tax breaks after Bush took office affected only a small number of the wealthiest of all Americans exclusively, and the average American realized no tax reduction. If Bush had been honest and transparent, he would have told crowds in 2000 “…average American will save $6,000 per year, because if you divide the hundreds of billions saved by the top one-hundredth of one percent of the population singled out for tax breaks under my plan by the 300-plus million population, it comes to around $6,000”.  Like deceptive use of the term “death tax” to describe estate taxes on a handful of billionaires designed to prevent America becoming an oligarchy, Bush’s tax plan deception worked its magic.

People making $30,000 to $50,000 per year actually believed that if George Bush was elected president, and they certainly met definitions of “average”, they would have $6,000 more in their pockets come April 15.

In Orwellian language these kinds of word games are known as the “big lie”, and nowhere were the destructive effects of actions based on the big lie experienced to such horrendous extent than during the Iraq War because Bush used outright deception, this time, to fool the world. Such deceptive tactics are not only Orwellian, but even more so Machiavellian. The world needs to strongly and finally reject both Orwellian and Machiavellian political operators.

“It is necessary that the prince should know how to color his nature well, and how to be a hypocrite and dissembler. For men are so simple, and yield so much to immediate necessity, that the deceiver will never lack dupes”.

– NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI (1469-1527) Italian statesman

Because Jeb Bush is the brother of George Bush one can come to the logical conclusion that they share political strategy, of particular importance use of the “big lie”. For that reason alone Jeb Bush should become perceived by Americans as unfit for the office of president. Some estimates of the number of Iraqis who perished because of Bush’s lies are as high as one million.

Hillary Clinton, days after announcing she is running for president, said she opposes the Supreme Court Citizens United decision allowing unlimited campaign contributions by individuals and corporations alike. and would support a constitutional amendment overturning it. The first question which comes to mind is “where has Ms. Clinton been in the years since the Supreme Court’s politically explosive decision?” While many men and women in America have invested a great deal of time and energy from day one after the extreme, power/wealth concentrating decision to overturn it, Hillary Clinton has essentially sat idle on the sidelines. If she had, like so many Americans had since day one, lent her voice to the cause with an intensity and focus required to bring about a constitutional amendment effectively repealing the decision, perhaps she would now be telling voters “I’m proud to have helped in some way in the successful effort to overturn the horrible, democracy-killing Citizens United decision”.

The point is she could have lent her voice at the earliest stage with consistent, unwavering opposition, but she chose not to. Ms. Clinton opposed international negotiations focused on Iran’s nuclear program during the first Obama administration when she was Secretary of State. Nobody paying any modest amount of attention remember the appalling statement Hillary Clinton made upon the death of Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died!” What was particularly concerning and troubling about that statement was Hillary Clinton’s almost diabolic, bordering on insanely exuberant emotional demeanor in her persona. Given the UN-ratified no-fly zone over Libya became an extensive air-bombing campaign by NATO far surpassed the military actions UN member states thought necessary under the banner of R2P (Responsibility to Protect), based on the argument that Gaddafi was “about to commit atrocities against his own people”, thousands of innocent Libyans perished.

Some analysts have concluded that there was no plan by Gaddafi to commit mass murder against the Libyan people, that the real reason for military destruction of Libya was removing Gaddafi because he had planned to create a new financial architecture for the African continent, severing all ties with Rothschild-controlled banks. Libya is now in chaos. Some may have differing perceptions and opinions, but because of Hillary Clinton’s strange personal reaction when Gaddafi died alone – “We came, we saw, he died!” –  she should be perceived by Americans as unfit for the office of president.

So as the 2016 presidential race begins to heat up with more candidates expected to announce soon, a lot of men and women have a sense that the race will boil down to Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to announce that he’s running in the very near future. What distinguishes Mr. Sanders from Mr. Bush and Ms. Clinton? He rejects Orwellian double-speak and destructive Machiavellian war strategies and tactics, preferring the moral high ground and telling Americans the unvarnished truth. He has consistently been outspoken against Citizens United from day one and lent his voice to those men and women working hard to overturn it.

There are clearly distinct policy stances providing ample reasons for Americans to seriously consider voting for Bernie Sanders. Because Senator Sanders is the most truthful, sincere and genuine personality of the 2016 presidential candidates alone, he should become perceived by Americans as fit for the office of president. 

So, the greatest question for Americans for 2016 is whether they want the status-quo policies of a Bush or Clinton, or do they understand the profound need for a non-violent political revolution – and real, positive change? Americans are intelligent enough to discern the best path forward for the United States of America. Americans are fit to choose wisely, act powerfully, and literally create a better world.


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