Wilkerson On Rubio: ‘Pablum For Americans.’

by Jerry Alatalo

RockwellAlphabet In the latest edition of “The Wilkerson Report” on the Real News Network, Larry Wilkerson calls newly announced GOP presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s platitude-laced message to Americans “poppycock”. Mr. Wilkerson also uses the descriptive word “pablum”, which is defined as “worthless, empty ideas”.

It’s nearly impossible to argue with Larry Wilkerson’s position on the senator from Florida, and his statement expressing disappointment with the field of confirmed and presumed Republican party candidates, the party to which Wilkerson belongs. Given the evolution of politics in America leading to more and more citizens rejecting “poppycock”, “pablum”, platitudes and empty rhetoric from elected representatives and candidates for national office, 2016’s presidential candidates will more than ever become required to talk to Americans like normal human beings do.

Senators Rubio of Florida and Lee of Colorado have recently proposed totally abolishing capital gains taxes in America – a massive and historic change – shifting tax/revenue burdens from the rich and super-rich to those Americans who are not. Such a proposal, if enacted, would be beneficial for only the wealthiest of Americans who can afford to make money from excess money, at the expense of 99% of the people.

One of the group of announced or likely 2016 presidential candidates who passes the “talks like a normal human being” test is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He epitomizes the kind of leader more and more Americans are looking to vote into office: down-to-Earth, “pablum-free”, without pretense, and willing to withstand undue criticism for speaking to Americans with integrity. Come to think of it, either a Bernie Sanders/Larry Wilkerson or Sanders/Warren partnership for 2016 would offer American voters two time-tested, wise leaders who profoundly reject insulting the intelligence of the people.

Any 2016 presidential candidate would be wise to acknowledge that offering empty rhetoric during elections no longer works, and that voters want their leaders first and foremost genuine, honest and opposed to relying on false dramatics – “worthless, empty ideas” – to fool men and women into voting for them. That type of political nonsense is dead, extinct and – thank the Creator/God – buried.

The 2016 United States presidential campaign will be one for the ages – and truly evolutionary.  


(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)