Bush, Clinton Destroyed Iraq And Libya: Can You Say ‘President Bernie Sanders’?

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37Alphabet While today every news organization is abuzz about Hillary Clinton’s announcement she is running for president, the nation of Libya is in a chaotic state. Every man or woman who’s been paying attention will not forget, after Muammar Gaddafi became assassinated in the aftermath of the NATO bombing campaign in 2011, her on-camera, disturbingly gleeful exclamation, “We came, we saw, he died!” The Libyan people, before their country was literally destroyed militarily based on lies similar to those told by the George W. Bush administration leading to the Iraq War, enjoyed the highest standard of living of any nation on the African continent.

Gaddafi’s “crime” was proposing a new financial infrastructure for the African continent, independent of the Rothschild-dominated international banking cartel.

As the right-leaning news networks like FOX interview Jeb Bush, along with announced GOP candidates Ted Cruz/Rand Paul, and ask him to comment on Hillary’s announcement, the nation of Iraq is, like Libya, in a chaotic state. Major battles are ongoing in that country to regain land and cities overtaken by ISIS, a ruthless and brutal, killing-machine, mercenary mafia whose members have been totally absent from media appearances to discuss the “superior” merits of their political ideology. ISIS’ so-called “leader” – al-Baghdadi – is nowhere to be found or heard after one address on the internet delivered in the summer of 2014. What happened to ISIS leader al-Baghdadi?

Many believe that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and western nations led by the U.S. have facilitated ISIS’ atrocities to diminish or stop regional, citizen-energized efforts to change the balance of power in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, now in the midst of an air-bombing campaign against Yemen’s Houthis, without consent from the United Nations Security Council and therefore illegal under international law, has been conspicuously absent in the war against ISIS. UN observers warn of an impending humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen if the violence continues, while Yemenis pre-Saudi bombing campaign were already living in one of the poorest nations on Earth.

Jeb’s brother George lied to the world about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction and connection to the events in New York City on September 11, 2001, leading to what many informed observers and analysts believe was the United States’ greatest foreign policy catastrophe – the Iraq War. Before 2003 and the start of that catastrophic, extremely negative-consequence war, Saddam Hussein, although not anywhere near a “nice guy”, had eliminated terrorism from Iraq. Hussein’s crime was selling Iraq’s massive oil resources on the global market for euros instead of dollars.

For that crime, the Iraqi people became subject to a massive U.S. military assault leading to hundreds of thousands perishing, while Jeb’s brother George, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney and others continue to live lives of impunity. The international community has yet to muster the necessary moral and legal courage to prosecute clear war criminals at the International Criminal Court, unless they be the token black, African continent mass murderer.

Recently, Senator Bernie Sanders’ office issued a press release calling for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to finally become involved in the war against ISIS. Some analysts/experts point out that there is a major power transition occurring in the Middle East, based on societal perceptions of monarchical, wealth-concentrating power holders’ accountability for the historic war, violence and destruction in the region. This explains Saudi, Qatari, Israeli, Turk, and western support for ISIS, a mercenary mafia created to prevent increasing calls by the citizens of the Middle East for fair, just, equitable, democratic forms of government.

The Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush candidacies do not offer prospects for greater coöperation and real peace between the United States and the rest of the world’s people, and these presidential hopefuls have histories and relationships which strongly suggests either’s propensity toward military – not negotiated peace through dialogue – solutions in the arena of foreign policy if elected president. In this period of human history where communication between people around the Earth has become instantaneous, if a worldwide referendum were held today probably 99.9% of humanity would vote for an end to war.

Unless Clinton, Bush, Cruz, Paul and those soon announcing their candidacy for President of the United States experience a spiritual epiphany and tell – with great specificity and integrity – the American people their main goal as the most powerful leader in the free world is ending war forever, all of those candidates persist in lining up on the wrong side of history and the nearly unanimous opinions of civilization.

Related to the wishes of people everywhere on Earth for the end of war and militarism, candidates for the office of President of the United States will need to adequately – with great specificity and integrity – address the global issue of historic, record wealth inequality.

Senator Bernie Sanders comes closest of those who’ve announced – and those believed soon to announce – their presidential candidacies in the context of straight-talk, specific and integrity-fuelled discussion and debate on the major American and international issues of our time.

The world has become weary of leaders who are less than 100% transparent and honest with their people.

For that reason, men and women concerned about the health, well-being and futures of their families, friends, co-workers, and all humanity would do well to consider undertaking unified efforts which dramatically increase the number of American voters entirely comfortable with – and clearly encouraged by – the sound of “President Bernie Sanders”.  


(Thank you to Bernie Sanders at YouTube)