Iran Talks Reach Milestone Toward Successful Agreement.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-31Alphabet Despite efforts by Benjamin Netanyahu and 47 Republican Senators in the United States Congress, talks between the United Nations Security Council (China, Britain, France, Russia, USA) five permanent members, Iran and Germany have reached a historic, hope-inspiring stage on the road to signing a potentially paradigm-changing agreement.

Professor of International Law at Georgetown University Droud Khairallah believes any effort to derail the successful completion of the talks leading to an agreement will fail. In this short interview on RT News, the professor points out that an agreement on Iran’s nuclear energy issue will create an entirely new political atmosphere in the Middle East region, placing more emphasis on negotiations and dialogue to solve problems than historically chosen destructive military escalation.

Given the decades of suffering endured by the people of the region due to wars and violence up until today, humanity has been given some hope that peace will finally be allowed a real chance to grow and eventually prevail. In memory of millions who’ve died through violence, for the safety, health and well-being of millions enduring physical harm, extreme hardship and refugee conditions today, pray that those who advocate for more war and bloodshed fail completely, and that advocates for Middle East peace find their efforts absolutely successful.


(Thank you to RT at YouTube)


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