Prosecute George W. Bush For Murder.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-38Alphabet In the United States of America, there is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder.

When Vincent Bugliosi and his friend/literary agent tried to find a publisher for his book “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”, they experienced near universal rejection. After the book finally became published in 2008, it quickly rose to the New York Times bestseller list. For more information on Vincent Bugliosi’s profoundly important book, to read hundreds of reviews, or to purchase the book, please visit Amazon.

No major newspapers or media reviewed the book; Vincent Bugliosi wasn’t asked to appear for interviews on television and radio to nearly the extent bestselling authors are, and now, the 2012 film based on that powerful book – “The Prosecution of an American President” – has been similarly ignored by the mainstream media.

Free Speech TV (FSTV) has obtained the film and will be airing it in two parts on Thursday March 19 / 8:30 pm and Friday March 20 / 8:30 pm. FSTV is available on most Americans’ cable systems and this post is intended to make as many people in America aware of the film’s broadcast as possible.

Given recent events – in particular the increased threat of war against Iran conveyed in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the United States Congress and the seriously disturbing open letter to Iran’s leaders signed by 47 republican U.S. Senators – it is important to remember that George W. Bush, Britain’s Tony Blair, Dick Cheney and other high-ranking government officials lied to the American people and the world to carry out the Iraq War begun in 2003.

Unfortunately, there is the same sense of impending war against Iran that mirrors the pre-Iraq War time period. Just as before the Iraq War, respected intelligence experts around the world now contradict assertions about Iran’s supposed efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon made by those who, like Bush, Blair, Cheney, et al, coldly and recklessly prove their desire and willingness to strike militarily against Iran.

Americans must act boldly to prevent another foreign policy catastrophe

If enough Americans fully comprehend the still-prosecutable, major criminal actions of the Bush administration in their intentional deception of the people back in 2003, then perhaps a repeat of what some rightly describe as “America’s worst foreign policy catastrophe ever” will never occur. This is the most important reason Americans need to watch “The Prosecution of an American President” on FSTV Thursday and Friday night.

The potential for an American-initiated war of aggression is not only present in Iran, but – after President Barack Obama declared the country of Venezuela a “national security threat to the United States of America”, including taking the alarming step of declaring a national “state of emergency” – Venezuela and its people have real reason for concern. It is worth noting that Venezuela’s neighbors in the region/South America have responded with near-unanimous opposition, rebuke and condemnation to direct threats from the U.S. toward Venezuela.

In a nationally broadcast address on October 7, 2002, George W. Bush told millions of unsuspecting Americans that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were an “imminent threat” to the United States. Six days earlier on October 1, 2002, Bush and his administration became advised by the CIA and 15 other U.S. intelligence agencies the exact opposite: Saddam Hussein and Iraq were not an imminent threat to the United States. On October 4, 2002, the Bush administration declassified the report from the CIA and the other 15 agencies, and gave that information to members of Congress and the American people.

The accurate, most important information from the intelligence agencies – that Saddam Hussein and Iraq were not a threat to America – was deleted/absent/excluded from the “White Paper”. Intentionally.

Days later, with their decisions based on less-than-forthcoming, intentionally deceptive information about Saddam Hussein and Iraq’s “threat to America”, men and women elected representatives in Congress voted to authorize the George W. Bush administration’s use of military force against Iraq. Consequently, 4,500 American men and women servicemen and, depending on estimates, 500,000 to over 1,000,000 Iraqi men, women and children perished.

Vincent Bugliosi’s book and the film upon which it is based offer, according to Mr. Bugliosi, “evidence beyond a reasonable doubt” that George W. Bush must become prosecuted for mass murder. As mentioned, the crime of murder has no statute of limitations. If – after reading “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”, or viewing “The Prosecution of an American President” film on FSTV – people can grasp the clear, powerful, overwhelmingly convincing case Vincent Bugliosi presents, will his message eventually reach just one American prosecutor with total integrity and enough moral courage to do the right thing?

If the stars in the sky align in the right way, someone reading these words will act to inform their local prosecutor of Vincent Bugliosi’s book and film, either directly or through their friends or relations who own the same necessary integrity and moral courage. That man or woman prosecutor from any place in America will take right action, that right action will become impossible to ignore, then becoming a historic nationwide news phenomenon where every headline includes the word “Justice”.

And, thank God, the people of Earth will never again experience the truly horrific consequences originated from major, criminal wars of aggression. 


(Thank you to The Big Picture RT at YouTube – from October 2014)


Part One of “The Prosecution of an American President” will air on Thursday March 19, 2015 at 8:30 pm on Free Speech TV.

Part Two airs on Friday March 20, 2015 at 8:30 pm.

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