The real Syrian moderates: voices of reason ~ by Eva Bartlett.

Read this revelatory, honest article on Syria written by Eva Bartlett, then take whatever action you deem necessary to bring the war and humanitarian catastrophes in Syria, Iraq and the Middle East finally to an end.

The Wall Will Fall

While the Western-led, anti-Assad bloc mind-blowingly speaks of arming non-existent “moderates” to fight in Syria, they also continue to demonize and silence the very voices that offer a true means of bringing peace and stability back to the region.

Two of these voices are: Political and Media Adviser to President al-Assad, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban; and Syria’s highest Muslim official and scholar, Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun. Both are highly-educated and convey messages of dialogue, understanding, and peace. And both seemingly terrify the West, which has been quick to sanction and deny them visas, lest the anti-Syria lies and propaganda be challenged before a Western audience.

From February 24-26, 2015, the US delegation I accompanied met a number of important Syrian figures, including Mufti Hassoun and Dr. Shaaban.

Dr. Shaaban is known to her American friends as “the bridge,” she says. “I always wanted to be a bridge between…

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China, England, France, Germany, Russia, United States’ Evil Plan To Create Evil, Nuclear-Armed Iran.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-44Alphabet Just a few words on “The Letter” signed by 47 Republican Senators to destroy any chances for P5+1 talks resulting in an agreement. First of all, the “letter” was misleading for Americans because it did not include the full account of who has participated in the talks. Unfortunately, based on their reading of the letter, there are probably a good number of Americans who think the nuclear talks/negotiations are only between Iran and the United States. That is not the truth.

All five United Nations permanent Security Council nations – China, England, France, Russia and the United States – plus Germany and of course Iran have taken part in the negotiations to come up with an agreement that makes it impossible for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon using enriched uranium from their peaceful nuclear energy program. For the 47 Senators to omit the names of those other five countries in their letter seems to have been chosen intentionally to paint a false impression in the minds of potential voters in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election.

By only naming Iran and the United States in their letter, it is hard to argue with the theory that Republicans were attempting to paint Democrats (and/or third-party candidates, if such becomes the case) as the “wrong choice in 2016” because “they” deal with the Islamic State of Iran, who Benjamin Netanyahu “dramatically” described as the same type of terrorist organization as the Islamic State or ISIS.  President Barack Obama, if one follows the deceptively twisted logic in the letter – “conveniently” failing to list the names of the other nations/leaders involved in negotiations, must have a personal philosophy aligned with ISIS, because Netanyahu said Iran and ISIS are the same!

Now, of the many questions the letter has generated along with literally worldwide debate, people need to ask why Jinping of China, Cameron of England, Hollande of France, Merkel of Germany, and Putin of Russia failed to receive any attention and became excluded entirely from “the letter”. Why did Republicans omit the names of those nations’ leaders, as it would have given Americans and people around the Earth a full picture of who has participated instead of singling out Barack Obama and Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei? Just a wild guess, but they singled out Obama and the Iranian leader to distort reality and reinforce the propagandistic message that “Democrats have the same philosophical/spiritual/theological beliefs as the radical extremist group ISIS and, according to the war criminal Netanyahu, Iran.

Then, of the many questions which have arisen in the aftermath of publication of the letter, one has to ask if any Democrat Senators were offered the opportunity to sign the document. Perhaps that question has become answered elsewhere, but one can guess with a great deal of certainty that Democrat Senators were not given that “opportunity”. The entire scandalous affair has resulted in some 270,000 American men and women signing a White House petition calling for prosecution of the 47 Senators for violation of the Logan Act, a centuries-old law that prohibits unauthorized U.S. citizens from conducting foreign affairs.

Logan Act prosecutions are probably not going to happen, but a great number of Americans are angry.

Worth noting as well when speaking of omissions in the letter is how Ronald Reagan and his associates struck a deal with the “terrorist” Iran regime when he was running against Jimmy Carter for President of the United States in the 1980 election season. Mainstream media news reported daily on the American hostages held in Iran while Carter was president, leading to Carter’s going down in voter polls as each day of captivity passed. Well, it turns out “Ronnie” struck a deal with “terrorist” Iran, in exchange for weapons and God knows what else, to hold the hostages until after the election, with full knowledge that it decreased Carter’s chances for winning while bolstering his own.

Iran held the hostages all the way through to the election, Ronald Reagan received more votes than Carter, and Reagan became the next President of the United States. Iran released the hostages the day of the election, clearly one of presidential election history’s most “interesting” coincidences. “The Letter of the 47” didn’t include that little historical fact, which one could logically view as the “sensible” choice for the Republican Senator signatories in the context of public relations effectiveness.

After becoming President, Reagan and his associates went on to strike more deals with the “terrorist” Iranians during what has become more well known as the Iran-Contra Scandal, which included selling weapons to Iran and using the money to illegally fund the Nicaraguan contras, a mercenary force organized by the Reagan administration to destabilize and topple the elected government of that country; because actions by the Reagan administration directly violated the Boland Amendment, it should have resulted in Reagan’s impeachment and removal from office.

Perhaps Senator Cotton of Arkansas is drafting his next letter to Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, providing the same ridiculous, condescending, arrogant, “adult in the room” advice supposedly included in the first. It’ll contain wording pointing out that Israel needs to get “boots on the ground” in the fight against ISIS, or risk some really bad publicity when people start comparing inaction by Israel to actions taken by Iran. “You see, Mr. Netanyahu…”, Cotton writes in letter #2, “Iran has been on the ground in Iraq fighting ISIS, while Israeli troops stay on the sidelines”.

“Continued absence of Israeli soldiers in the ground war against ISIS doesn’t help convince people of the correctness of your Congressional speech assertion that Iran is the same as ISIS, nor does it help us 47 here in the United States when Iran is one of the few Middle East nations taking the fight directly to ISIS. Mr. Netanyahu, please offer to send ground troops to fight against ISIS”.

“P.S.: I don’t know if you’ve seriously considered taking a break from speaking engagements after the international blowback generated by your speech to Congress, but, to be totally honest with you, this will be the last letter I pen for a long, long time”.  

Americans should be concerned.