What About ‘Glyphosate Kills’ Don’t America’s Politicians Understand?

by Jerry Alatalo

459Alphabet Thierry Vrain is a retired biologist and genetic engineer who since his retirement has focused on raising public consciousness of the link between genetically modified organisms (GMO) – especially Roundup herbicide whose active ingredient is glyphosate – and dramatic increases in negative health events since GMOs became approved for cultivation in 1996.

GMOs were specifically engineered to become sprayed with Roundup herbicide, essentially to allow farmers to deal with weeds in a much less labor intensive manner. Once genes become discovered through trial and error, which when combined with organic genes of corn, soy, etc. resist applications of Roundup and – unlike all plants which die after being sprayed with the herbicide – can then be cultivated, the technologically created new form of plant becomes patented. The creation is “Roundup ready”.

GMOs represent nearly all corn, soy, sugar beets, canola and other crops/foods grown on agricultural land in America.  Because they are “Roundup ready”, farmers can spray their fields as often as they feel necessary with the herbicide, as the crops are resistant and do not die, like, as mentioned, every plant sprayed with Roundup.

Glyphosate was first used as for descaling of pipes and boilers starting in the 1960’s, then bought by Monsanto in 1969 and patented as a herbicide. When pipes, boilers etc. became sufficiently descaled using glyphosate, the process of replacing the now polluted glyphosate wastewater with fresh water occurred, and the waste water was disposed of. When it became disposed of on fields containing plant life, glyphosate became recognized as a herbicide, because it killed all plants it came into contact with.

It wasn’t until 1996 and the go-ahead for GMOs that Roundup herbicide production, sales and widespread application to crops and farmland took off. Since what many describe as the “fateful year of 1996” GMO cultivation with the accompanying liberal applications of Roundup has grown to astonishing levels, producing enormous profits for Monsanto and other bio-tech giants, while stirring up an increasingly intensified worldwide debate over health concerns and the wisdom or ignorance in continuing to allow the technology.

Mr. Vrain’s presentation should produce great concern among any man or woman who would like to have confidence that the food they buy at their grocery store is totally safe for themselves and their children.  His presentation points out the connection between very small, ingested quantities of glyphosate and a range of diseases which, coincidentally, have risen in near perfect measure to increased applications of Roundup/glyphosate on millions of acres of farmland in America and those nations around the planet who still allow GMOs.

Those millions of acres of farmland have literally become drenched with Roundup since 1996. Glyphosate residue is literally everywhere in the environment. In the human body, glyphosate in very small concentrations has highly negative health – both physical and mental health – consequences. When glyphosate destroys each human beings’ beneficial, God-given bacteria numbering in the hundreds of trillions, among the significant poor health results are decreases in levels of serotonin.

When a person’s serotonin levels drop to a certain level, depression results. If a person’s serotonin levels become even lower, mental illness results. Has anyone noticed the increasing number of advertisements on television for antidepressants?

Boiling down Thierry Vrain’s presentation, his message of warning is that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the hugely successful herbicide Roundup, has been proven through scientific investigation by respected scholars as dangerous to human health. Glyphosate does not simply pass through a person’s digestive system; it “sticks” and accumulates – in the human body, animals, plants, forests, waterways, and nearly everywhere in the environment.

How many seconds, minutes or hours of mainstream media time has been solely devoted to discussion/debate over the safety of GMOs and/or Roundup? The unfortunate answer is zero. To what extent are GMO and Roundup a destabilizing factor in international relations, when “secret” and massive trade deals may contain legalese allowing agricultural, genetic technology unwanted by a nearly unanimous majority of citizens in nations potentially signing on to those trade agreements? To what extent are GMOs a factor in the “bread basket of Europe”, agriculturally rich country of Ukraine’s current negative situation?

When will American farmers understand that the world is increasingly rejecting genetic food and glyphosate, and that it would be in their best interests to stop planting GMOs? Not only in the best interests of their bottom lines; but perhaps much more importantly the health and well-being of their fellow American citizens.

Glyphosate kills, period. Why haven’t the men and women elected representatives in the United States Congress understood that scientific fact, and why hasn’t glyphosate been banned for use to produce the food Americans eat?


(Thank you to OrganicGrowersVideo at YouTube / Thank you to David Foster for his reference to Thierry Vrain’s powerful presentation)

10 thoughts on “What About ‘Glyphosate Kills’ Don’t America’s Politicians Understand?

  1. david llewellyn foster

    Brilliant summary Jerry, fantastic website.

    I resonate deeply with your superb Black Elk quote…thank you so much for sharing this vital presentation, as you say it is incredibly important for these facts to be more thoroughly understood by the general public.

    Crisis/opportunity ~ it is up to us to exercise the right to shape our common future, & not defer to parboiled corporate “experts” and corrupt “authorities.”


    1. Thanks for sharing the link. Just goes to show how seemingly small gestures/sharing information guarantees expansion of the ripple effect. Thierry Vrain is a respected scientist and in this presentation viewers sense he’s telling the truth. What he describes is a genuine danger to public health, which should be first and foremost on the minds of elected representatives. That no hearings have been held in the U.S. Congress on glyphosate is simply beyond comprehension.
      Thanks, and keep sharing the great links.


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      1. Hi Jerry,
        I missed that news report on the northren lights. The northren lights are magical.
        Otherwise spring is here. We have had quite a good streak of sunny days. The tempertures dip below freezing during the night, because of the clear skies. I am just enjoying the sunshine. I have laughed at my neighbor, who every time we have bumped into eachother, has said spring is here for the last 4 weeks. Spring is early this year for a farmer that is important news.


  3. I honestly can’t recall a time when our elected representatives were genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of the people they supposedly represent. I specifically recall the major campaign Ralph Nader launched in the late sixties forcing them to require auto manufacturers to adopt simple safety features. Believe me, it was a major campaign. Congress had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do the right thing.


    1. Stuart,
      Yes, it seems like fighting Congress to do the right thing requires 100 times the effort they expend in doing the wrong. An astonishing situation, but … little by little progress occurs.


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