America’s Refusal to Face the Hard Moral Issues of War

In this outstanding, rare, courageous article, Texan Daniel N. White makes an extremely powerful case that all Americans need to understand: “Above all else, war is a moral issue; undoubtedly the most profound one a society has to face”.

The Contrary Perspective

We had to destroy Fallujah to save it (2004) We had to destroy Fallujah to save it (2004)

Daniel N. White

James Fallows, a noted journalist and author of National Defense (1981), is tits on a boar useless these days. That’s my conclusion after reading his Atlantic Monthlycover story, The Tragedy of the American Military, in which he asks, Why do the best soldiers in the world keep losing?  It is a truly terrible article that, regrettably, is mainstream U.S. journalism’s best effort by one of their better talents to answer a vitally important question.

Right off the bat, I’m going to have to say that the U.S. Army doesn’t produce “the world’s best soldiers” — and it never has. We Americans don’t do infantry as well as others do. This is reasonably well known. Anyone who wants to dispute the point has to dispute not me but General George Patton, who in 1944 said: …

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5 thoughts on “America’s Refusal to Face the Hard Moral Issues of War

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jerry. Dan sent this to me to publish last week but I didn’t have the time to do so. Am planning a new garden at the new house and still have lots of things to do here at home.


    1. Lo,
      You’ve got to love those neat coincidences. Let’s hope the moral seeds Mr. White commendably tries to plant in his writing falls on a lot of “fertile ground”. The world needs a very healthy dose of morality to prevent more unnecessary wars and violence. Thanks.


  2. It’s not about morals it’s about profits. We gotta keep having wars to use up the tanks, drones and armaments so the defense contractors can keep paying dividends to their shareholders.


    1. Stuart,
      First thought that comes to mind is “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Arms manufacturers/defense contractors share qualities with drug pushers, only to a much more harmful extent. One of these days Americans will fully grasp Eisenhower’s farewell address warning about the military-industrial complex. Peace gets “in the way” of weapons manufacture and sale. There it is.


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