Political propaganda: Ukraine, media deception and democracy

Jan Oberg’s reasoned and timely comparison of “freedom of expression” to “freedom of deception”, in particular relation to the current situation in Ukraine, strongly suggests global abolishment of all forms of political and media propaganda.

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On political propaganda, media wars and more
Jan Oberg interview with RT International – YouTube

On political propaganda, counter-propaganda – the case of Ukraine – and how news have become commodities to be sold on a market and undermining democracy and people’s wish to engage in politics.

Freedom of expression and freedom of deception hand in hand…

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Robert Parry And Rick Rozoff: Ukraine: One Year After The Coup

Robert Parry and Rick Rozoff discuss the unnecessary violence and destruction which has occurred in the one year since the February 2014 coup in Ukraine. Their insightful, clarifying interviews on the situation in that country were recorded on the radio program Global Research News Hour.