U.S. Congressman Stephen Lynch: “Release 28 Pages – Bring Terrorist Backers To Justice.”

Posted on February 17, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1Alphabet Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch spoke on the floor of Congress on February 12, 2015 calling for passage of H. Res 14 – declassification of the so-called “28 Pages” associated with Saudi financing of 9/11. In his 5-minute address to members of the United States House of Representatives, Mr. Lynch pointed out that releasing the 28 pages to the public/American people will not harm, in any way, security of the United States or any persons employed by the government in preventing attacks.

Mr. Lynch also urged his colleagues, the elected men and women representatives from the 50 states in Congress, to read the 28 pages. The fact that Mr. Lynch even has to remind/push men and women members of Congress to read the up-until-now classified pages is frankly astonishing and unbelievably disappointing. Men and women from the 50 states elected to the House, in all candor, should already have read them without any need for prompting.

That any elected representatives of the U.S. Congress have yet to read the information in those pages, concerning what in most observers’ view is the most consequential Earthly event in the 21st century, leaves one truly at a loss for words. As amazingly shocking as the fact some politicians haven’t read the documents is, the need for surviving family members’ request for the documents to become public gets granted – and of equal or greater importance, the need for the American and world’s people to learn the absolute truth – remain unaddressed while classified status maintains.

Congressman Lynch has read the documents. In his 5-minute address he refers to terrorist groups operating here and now on Earth: al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, and others presently committing brutal acts of violence in the Middle East, Africa and other regions. His mention of terrorist groups operating now in 2015 should not be seen as a “coincidental” aspect of Mr. Lynch’s message. Because the documents are still classified, no member of Congress or the Senate who reads them can divulge certain information or face legal penalties/punishment.

One can only guess the legal considerations Congressman Lynch took into account when writing his short address delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives. That said, it would probably be a good guess that he’s telling his colleagues and the American people to consider very seriously that information in those 28 pages – when it becomes declassified with passage of H. Res 14 – is of extreme and profound importance for understanding major terrorist events occurring today.


(Thank you to Congressman Stephen F. Lynch at YouTube)


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  1. Reblogged this on Wobbly Warrior's Blog and commented:
    Former Democratic Florida legislator/Governor/US Senator Bob Graham inserting himself into the conversation over the withheld 28 pages regarding Saudi financing of 9/11 does nothing to redeem him; his “public service” – including ten years on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee – remains hopelessly blackened by his unwillingness to address conviction corruption that has kept innocents incarcerated for more than 30 years, per my prior post “God damn Bob Graham,” and countless other posts. Until Graham fixes the horrendous messes he personally made in “investigating” dog handlers John Preston and Thomas McGinn as Florida’s governor, he shouldn’t be cashing any pension checks or paychecks furnished by taxpayers. That three successive Republican Florida governors have had his back on Preston and McGinn and more – Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist, Rick Scott – is a dead giveaway that cronyism is not only stronger than their party affiliations, but stronger than their combined patriotism.


          1. I wish that was the scenario, Jerry – the police unions would have sorted out who bit whom rapidly! John Preston participated in @1,000 criminal investigations nationwide, and as he couldn’t track scent, all the testimony he gave against suspects was false. The FBI was involved with Preston and other discredited dog handlers and is therefore helping bury false convictions … Keith Pikett participated in @2,500 criminal investigations nationwide. The frauds that Thomas McGinn’s was investigated for involved the purchase and sale of K-9’s on behalf of and for police agencies, falsified training reports, etc. McGinn may have perjured scent evidence testimony under his belt, too – it’s not like anyone cares enough to dig into the past, aside from the families and friends of the framed, of which there may be hundreds. I only know a couple of them. Preston exonerations include Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon. Preston-tainted executions include Linroy Bottoson and Gerald Stano. Pikett exonerations include Megan Winfrey and her brother and father, both named Richard Winfrey. Preston stopped testifying in 1984, Pikett keep going into this century, and for all I know, the other DNA-discredited dog handlers are still are it, including the FBI’s own scent dogs, who have a lousy track record. I hope this better explains it. Again, thanks for your interest.


              1. Geraldo Rivera did a feature on Preston on ABC’s 20/20 in 1984, but didn’t mention that Preston had been discredited in Dale Sutton’s federal case in 1982. Rivera won’t respond to requests to update, despite knowing that Gary Bennett and others remain framed. Another can of worms!


    1. Stuart,
      Really outrageous. Protecting backers and planners of 9/11 far surpasses Watergate, which resulted in Richard Nixon’s resignation, and prevents the people from understanding Saudi Arabia’s role in aiding and abetting ISIS. Make the information available to the public, let the truth be told, and let the chips fall where they may. This state of affairs has moved far beyond the point of ridiculousness. It is immoral, and should be illegal, to attempt keeping the true history of 9/11 – and the creation of ISIS – away from Americans and humanity.


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