Ukraine, the Truth that our ‘mainstream media’ will never reveal: a speach by Nikolai Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine 2010/14 ~ [A Great Report]

Ukrainian Prime Minister from 2010-14 Nikolai Azarov, unlike Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, will most likely never speak to any U.S. Congress committee discussing events in Ukraine, nor appear on Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or any American mainstream media outlet. After watching Mr. Azarov’s 30-minute interview on what happened leading to the crisis in Ukraine, the American people cannot help but to ask themselves only one important question: “Why not?”

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Nikolai Azarov Prime Minister of Ukraine 2010-14-4-300xNikolai Azarov



Ukraine in 2013 was on the path of stable economic growth with the potential to rival Germany.

Its GDP, profits, wages and social welfare were all rising. One year later the trend is the opposite.

The mechanics of the 2014 coup d´état, the uninvestigated crimes, the lies and censorship, the economic and social consequences are among many topics highlighted by former Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov, who fled for his life after an assassination attempt during the Washington-sponsored coup.

Nikolai Azarov has noticed that whenever the Ukrainian economy achieves a positive growth rate, some political turbulence disrupts the progress.

The best years for the Ukrainian economy were:

  • 2004 – leading to the Orange Revolution
  • 2007 – leading to the dissolution of parliament
  • 2013 – leading to Nuland’s $5 billion coup d´état




Azarov’s book is entitled “Ukraine at the cross-roads” («Украина на…

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