Saudi Arabia Must Answer On ISIS, 9/11 Classified 28 Pages.

by Jerry Alatalo

Book11Alphabet Alot of men and women remember back in June 2014 and the start of ISIS’ rampage of destruction and death in Iraq. Some of those men and women remember the fleet of brand new, shiny white, full-size Toyota pickups ISIS fighters were driving, and wondering where the terrorists got the money. Remember, this was before the group stormed the Iraq city of Mosul and “robbed Iraq’s central bank”.

Some also wondered where ISIS got the money to buy their array of arms. Why do ISIS fighters always cover their faces? A few months ago United States Vice President Joe Biden, some will remember, astonished the world by telling a university audience that Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other nations in the Middle East were supplying, financing and arming ISIS terrorists. Somehow, and disturbingly, Mr. Biden’s bombshell remarks have become buried like typical news stories, however important they were in explaining the funders/backers of ISIS – a terrorist organization world leaders are asserting is the greatest threat civilization has seen in a long, long time.

Former Senator Bob Graham of Florida, Congressmen Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts and Walter Jones of North Carolina, and increasing numbers of intelligent, serious men and women are calling for declassifying 28 pages redacted/classified in their entirety from the U.S. government’s official 9/11 Report. These 28 pages, from all indications, point to Saudi financing of al-Qaeda terrorists and the events of September 11, 2001; a date analogous to FDR’s famous words describing Pearl Harbor: “a date that will live in infamy”.

Fourteen years have passed since 9/11, and in the years since that day highly controversial wars have been fought, hundreds of thousands have perished from the violence, all based on the U.S. government 9/11 Report’s disputed findings about what happened that day – the day which altered human history. So, what are people to make of the 28 Pages pointing to Saudi Arabia and today’s terrorist threat in Syria and Iraq ISIS, who many now acknowledge being financed by Saudi Arabia?

What are people to make of it? The exact answer to that important question is righteous indignation. Remember, the George W. Bush administration stonewalled and stalled for some 400 days when surviving family members of those who perished in the Twin Towers asked for a full investigation. The amount spent investigating 9/11 was nothing compared to the many millions which went toward investigating Bill Clinton’s extramarital love life. Henry Kissinger was first named to direct the 9/11 Commission before public opposition forced him to relinquish the post. Former Senator Max Cleland, who lost both legs and one of his arms in Vietnam, resigned the Commission in disgust after becoming aware the investigation was a giant fraud perpetrated on the American, and world’s, people.

According to 9/11 victims surviving family members, President Barack Obama promised directly to them that the 28 Pages would be released to the public/declassified. Politicians who’ve read the classified documents agree that the public deserves the truth, and that the information in those pages “change completely one’s perceptions of what happened on September 11, 2001”.

September 11, 2001 changed history on Earth like no event since Pearl Harbor. The murderous emergence of ISIS and similar terrorist groups will become recorded and read about by students of history forever. Saudi Arabia has played an apparently significant role in both the massively consequential 9/11 events and 2015’s global terrorism phenomenon.

Would it not be immoral, unethical, and utterly unconscionable if all humanity did not learn precisely how great a historical and criminal role the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played? And who else played a role?


(Thank you to Thom Hartmann at YouTube)


Iraq’s United Nations Representative Mohamad Ali Alhakim and Syrian UN Representative Bashar Ja’afari spoke to the media and answered questions on Thursday February 12, 2015. Their message is highly informative, revealing and extremely important.

The American people are urged to share the following link with their elected representatives before debate begins in Washington, D.C. on President Barack Obama’s request for Authorization to Use Military Force in Iraq, Syria and the Middle East region: 

3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Must Answer On ISIS, 9/11 Classified 28 Pages.

  1. I’m pretty sure Russian intelligence has identified the main perpetrators behind 9-11. If Putin continues his intelligence dump of 9-11 related material, Obama and the Saudis will have no choice but to come clean about Saudi and Israeli involvement in this mother of all false flag attacks.


    1. Stuart,
      Congressman Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts stood on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday morning, with most members present, and told the men and women of Congress all about the 28 pages. A young man and congressman (Massey, if spelling correctly) from Kentucky said months ago that he’d read the 28 pages, and that what he read turned his 9/11 views “upside down”. So, these elected representatives along with others have stated clearly that the information in the 28 pages contains truth about 9/11, the Saudi connection, and that both the survivors’ families and American people deserve/need to know. Considering this issue places one in that “am I missing something here?” combined with “Twilight Zone” mode. Simply unreal.


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