John Pilger: Why The Rise Of Fascism Is Again The Issue

“To initiate a war of aggression…,” said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, “is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

John Pilger is undoubtedly one of this world’s, this generation’s, finest warriors for truth. Read this article by Mr. Pilger with eyes wide, wide open, then try to deny that the points he makes absolutely must become shared far and wide… everywhere on this Earth. Humanity can and must handle the truth, and finally begin working in unity for the health and well-being of this and future generations. Thank you, John Pilger.


Mr. Netanyahu Goes To Washington: War Criminal In Congress.


by Jerry Alatalo

World Map1Alphabet Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner’s blatant breaking of foreign policy protocol in inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before Congress may backfire in ways unimagined by both Mr. Boehner and Netanyahu. First and foremost on the list of negative unintended consequences for the most powerful man in the republican party is the American people becoming aware that Benjamin Netanyahu committed war crimes during the war on Gaza in the summer of 2014, known as “Operation Protective Edge”.

After three teenage Israeli males became kidnapped, Israel unleashed a harsh military assault on Gaza – Operation Protective Edge – in what resulted in more than 2,500 Palestinian deaths, over 10,000 injured, and, in the words of United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon upon traveling to Gaza in the aftermath: “unimaginable destruction”.

One can imagine an analogous situation where two adjacent cities/populations anywhere on Earth experience the same circumstances. As an example, let us say that the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota in America experienced an incident of kidnapping where three teenage boys became abducted. Let us say that Minneapolis is Israel and its neighboring city St. Paul is Gaza. In this imagined situation illustrating what Benjamin Netanyahu ordered during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014, the mayor of Minneapolis orders a blanket, indiscriminate, disproportionate bombing campaign over a 50-day period leading to the deaths of over 2,500 residents of St.Paul, over 10,000 injured – mostly innocent civilians, and “unimaginable destruction”.

Now, if such massive human killing and physical destruction ever occurred in Minnesota, Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas, or any neighboring cities/populations in America, the mayor who ordered it would be in some extremely hot legal water, and without a doubt he or she would end up in prison for the rest of his/her natural life – if not facing the death penalty.

As unbelievable as Benjamin Netanyahu being granted the opportunity, the “honor”, to address the United States Congress in a matter of days is, what is of highest importance for the American people is becoming aware that the Israeli prime minister is guilty of horrific war crimes. Through America’s history, men and women foreign leaders have received what they understood as the honor of speaking to America’s elected representatives. With the exception of Benjamin Netanyahu, it is near impossible to produce names of any of those honored foreign guests/dignitaries who were in reality perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Mr. Netanyahu coming to Washington is a matter of profound seriousness necessitating equally profound soul-searching by all equally capable serious persons, and raises clear, unavoidable questions of whether fundamental justice exists on this Earth. Furthermore, of paramount concern is tackling the questions raised when considering that the current prime minister of Israel – a nation historically connected to the Middle East region where wars and violence have resulted in millions of men, women and children perishing – is an unprosecuted war criminal who has a proven record of willingness to unleash weapons and kill innocent human beings by the thousands.

Given the seemingly endless war and violence suffered by the people of the Middle East for decades, the time has come for the International Criminal Court to carry out the difficult-but-necessary reason for its creation. Perhaps the only deterrent to crimes petty and of great magnitude is the moral, wise, effective implementation of true justice. According to the findings of the Nuremburg trials held after World War II, crimes of aggression represent the “supreme crime against humanity”.

John Pilger recently wrote: “To initiate a war of aggression…,” said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, “is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”

The highest-priority question becomes, with regard to Benjamin Netanyahu and other willing, able, and active military aggressors the world over, “how will humanity act in response to destructive actions taken by supreme criminals?”

In these days leading up to Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United States Congress, it is impossible to answer that truly all-important question in any way whatsoever conveying association with the commonly understood moral, ethical concept of bestowing upon another human being an “honor”.


For information on war crimes committed during Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014 against the people of Palestine, please visit:


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Colorado Taking Hard Look At Public Banking.

by Jerry Alatalo

mountain55Alphabet It seemed only natural to follow Elizabeth Warren’s dressing down of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen with a post on public banking. At the Banking On Colorado Conference in Denver on January 31, 2015, Ellen Brown, Gwendolyn Hallsmith and Mike Krauss were part of the first panel on the potentials for public banking in that state.

Former Goldman Sachs derivatives executive, author Nomi Prins also spoke at the conference, and for a few minutes at the end of the video below. For those interested, her 40-minute talk is found by going to YouTube “argusfest” channel, along with more video talks from the Colorado conference.

Some of the interesting facts covered in the discussion include how the Bank of North Dakota (BND) became established in 1919. Farmers in North Dakota were getting squeezed out of business by Wall Street bank monopolists in control of the infrastructure upon which farmers depended to make money. Bankers manipulated costs and prices to guarantee farm failures and bankruptcy, allowing them to sweep down and buy farms for pennies on the dollar.

Farmers became aware of the bankers’ corrupt practices and joined in forming the Bank of North Dakota to prevent losing their farms. Since then the state-owned bank has been successfully operating and helping the state with infrastructure projects, business investments, student loans, natural disaster financial aid, among other benefits. Probably the biggest benefit of BND and public banks in general is the amount of interest expense money saved through self-financing of schools, roads, buildings, green energy projects, and any of the many other large expenditure projects. Public banks allow governments of all sizes to borrow from “themselves” instead of borrowing from privately owned banks.

In these uncertain economic times, especially with the systemic risk of derivatives in the hundreds of trillions of dollars held by the “Big Six” too-big-to-fail/jail banks, public banks remove virtually any risk to city, county or state government deposits. Given how the large banks and Wall Street have steered campaign money to Washington politicians and hence arranged the nation’s laws in their in favor, government finance/treasury officials across America would be wise to consider public banking to keep public revenues safe.

As Ms. Brown, Ms. Hallsmith and Mr. Krauss point out in their discussion, politicians in Washington, D.C. are not going to help cities, counties and states across the country establish public banks because “we are not a democracy anymore”. Speaking to the people of Colorado in the audience, Mike Krauss told them that “we don’t need Washington to start a public bank”. Concentrated wealth equals concentrated political power, and, after the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, financial sector concentrated wealth has in effect used “legalized bribery” to rig the laws and regulations in their favor, making it even more important to intensify the public banking efforts of men and women across the United States.

Other topics touched on in this highly informative and revealing discussion in Denver includes systemic risks posed by massive derivatives holdings in the largest banks, completely inadequate FDIC funds in the unfortunate event of a derivatives meltdown, new banking laws/rules which put taxpayers, government funds, and personal deposits at risk, how oil price drops may entail severe negative consequences for the financial health of the country, Federal Reserve reform, and more.

For the people of America, establishing public banks based on the Bank of North Dakota model is simply a “no-brainer”.


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Elizabeth Warren Denies Janet Yellen Obfuscation.

by Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet C-SPAN televised part of the U.S. Senate committee meeting with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen today. The topic of a possible Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit of the Fed came up, and Chair Yellen produced an audit recently conducted on the Fed’s books by Deloitte & Touche, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms. It is worth noting that the “Big Four” accounting firms have for decades been heavily involved in the global tax haven/evasion industry.

Ms. Yellen held the Deloitte audit binder up more than once when the topic of a GAO audit came up, and her response was that an audit by the GAO would not be good because it would “politicize” the Fed’s operations and prevent Fed actions to meet its mandates of increasing employment and controlling inflation. She used the example of Fed Chair Paul Volcker in the 1970’s, and how he would have been somehow unable to take the steps he did to fight 20% inflation if such a GAO audit occurred during that time.

One has to wonder how a GAO audit would get “in the way” of any Federal Reserve operations whatsoever, or “politicize” the central bank with negative consequences. Ms. Yellen’s opening statement to the committee was typical of former Fed chairs Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and the rest going back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve system began with passage of the Federal Reserve Act signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Trillions of dollars in quantitative easing is part of the “accommodative” mode chosen by Fed top management after the economic crash of 2007-8. The Fed chair assures senators she still focuses on its mandate from the government: increased employment and 2% inflation targets.

Those two mandates were referenced time and again in Ms. Yellen’s opening remarks and in answers to questions posed by senators on the committee. The discussion back and forth between her and senators seemed like people asking softball questions and receiving softball answers. No senator asked if the Federal Reserve should become nationalized as a government (people) owned public utility, and if that wasn’t more beneficial for the nation’s economy and its citizens. No senator asked Ms. Yellen “who actually owns the Federal Reserve?”, or “who are its major shareholders?”

Watching Fed chairs address lawmakers has become an experience in continuing disappointment upon seeing elected leaders basically kneeling before the “financial wizards” running the monetary affairs of the United States. One wonders if those elected leaders are aware that the founders of the country fought the British solely to escape from financial tyranny, and that the founders fought to control monetary creation power on behalf of the people – against the King of England.

A significant number of states, counties and cities are looking seriously into establishing public banks to keep money inside their regions and locales instead of giving it in large quantities to Wall Street banks in the form of high interest payments, fees, and questionable, often-complex, losing investments. As states come to entertain the idea of public banking, it is worth remembering that nations can also establish a public bank. The late British political leader Tony Benn was integral in establishing public banking in that nation; the banks were operational and successful until Margaret Thatcher came to power and abolished them. A number of countries around the world operate large public banks.

So, the idea of public banking never received any attention during today’s senate meeting with Ms. Yellen. This is understandable when one considers the enormous amount of campaign contributions going to politicians from the financial industry and Wall Street too-big-to-fail/prosecute banks. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts pressed Ms. Yellen on the issue of leaks which allow people to profit greatly on market transactions, and the Fed’s opinion of Dodd-Frank provisions. What is refreshing about Ms. Warren’s interaction and questioning of Ms. Yellen is her disciplined intent to not allow the Fed chair to go off on evasive, distractive tangents of obfuscation.

In the over hundred years since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, unfortunately the American people have become the financial victims of people who believe that furtherance of their own interests and maintaining immeasurable power and control over the nation’s monetary system relies to a large extent on the concept: “baffle them with bullshit”. Thankfully, leaders like Elizabeth Warren fight for the people against those who use all the tricks in the legal, accounting, public relations and finance books to maintain enormous power and privilege.

It is worth noting that C-SPAN cut to the floor of the Senate approximately thirty seconds into Senator Warren’s time for questioning of Janet Yellen. Was it just a coincidence?



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