Greece Vote On January 25 May Be Historic.

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-8Alphabet In just days, the men and women of Greece have the real opportunity to start what could become a worldwide transformation. The Syriza Party of Greece, currently percentage points ahead and with a very good shot at taking power, has made public their intentions of staying in the Eurozone and continuing to use the euro as its currency. In the following interview of investigative journalist Greg Palast, host Thom Hartmann said he thinks it’s fear of a backlash and losing the election which has led Syriza to say Greece will stay in the Eurozone, but if Syriza wins they may then leave the euro and the Eurozone, returning to the Greek drachma.

The Greek people have been the targets of a fear campaign which warns them a Syriza victory and exit from the Eurozone would result in financial troubles equal to the sky falling. In the thinking of Mr. Palast, with 25% unemployment, Greeks looking for food in dumpsters, and people cutting trees for heat after getting their electricity shut off, the Greek “sky has already fallen”. Palast compares the Eurozone with its widespread harsh austerity policies to a “leper colony”, and suggests the best option for Greeks is to leave it.

With the return of the drachma – the Greek currency before joining the European Union and adopting the euro – the people of Greece will become the sovereign controllers of their monetary system, not the largest banks of Europe and beyond. If such a decision came to manifestation in the time it will take a victorious Syriza Party to arrange its implementation, the people of Greece would no longer have to depend on large financial institutions whose agendas have virtually nothing to do with the health and well-being of Grecians, but an agenda of holding the government and people in debt and privatization/ownership of Greek public resources.

Austerity is described by a Syriza candidate for parliament and economics professor as “repeated waterboarding”, and all European Union states have suffered economically because austerity simply lowers demand and slows economies in a predictable, vicious downward circle. If Syriza wins the elections in Greece on January 25, look for others Eurozone states to move in the same direction in the not-too-distant future – states such as Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France and perhaps more.

At some certain point, expect the collective jaw of the world’s people to begin dropping, as unprecedented monetary/financial reforms sweep the Earth. This very well could lead to the beginning of historic change; a reversal of the global trend toward greater and greater wealth inequality; a swing of the pendulum away from centuries-practiced policies, agendas, and actions which have resulted in one of the world’s absolutely obscene statistics. In 2015, 80 individuals at the top of the “pyramid” own as much wealth as the world’s bottom 50% – 3.5 billion people combined.

Sunday’s elections in Greece could well go down in history as a massive turning point in human civilization. In 2015, people of the world might want to strap in tight. It looks like it’s going to turn into one completely amazing ride.


(Thank you to thomhartmann at YouTube)


Read Greg Palast’s article:


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