Audio: Panel on worsening U.S.-Russia relations

Excellent, serious, in-depth talks by Professor John Mearsheimer and Rick Rozoff on the situation in Ukraine and, most importantly, solutions which offer the best prospect for peace in Europe.

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United States, Ukraine and Russia: What Happened?
January 10, 2015

Subtitle: Peril Of War In Ukraine
Program Type: Action/Event
Featured Speakers/Commentators: Dr. John Mearsheimer, Rick Rozoff
Contributor: Dale Lehman/WZRD [Contact Contributor]
Broadcast Restrictions: For non-profit use only.
License: Public Domain
Broadcast Advisory: No Advisories – program content screened and verified.
Summary: Program on the events that have undermined relations between the Russians and the United States. What might be the out come? What is at stake? Who is the aggressor?

Professor Mearsheimer will address the causes of the crisis and how it has poisoned relations between the United States and Russia to the detriment of both countries and disaster for the Ukraine.

Mr. Rozoff will speak on the transformation of NATO from a defensive alliance into a component of U.S. Foreign Policy, intent on neutralizing Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent.

Q&A provides additional historical perspective and analysis.

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