Palestinians Seek International Criminal Court.

Posted on January 5, 2015

by Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed his strong opposition to the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) effort to join the International Criminal Court (ICC). Netanyahu and his government have responded to the ICC effort by withholding $127 million in tax revenues from the PA – a major part of the Palestinian entity’s yearly budget, and the United States has threatened to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding/aid to the Palestinians as well.

Now, the question which first comes up for both Netanyahu and American legislators regarding the withholding of multiple millions (sanctions?) is: “Can you please explain why you are so opposed to the International Criminal Court?” Furthermore, in your explanation, can you be very, very specific? After the United States and Australia voted “no” at the United Nations Security Council on a resolution to recognize a Palestinian state, head of the PA Mahmoud Abbas signed the necessary preliminary paperwork for ICC membership.

In an interview with CCTV, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said “Those who worry about Palestinian Authority going to the (ICC) courts should stop committing crimes”. After decades of negotiations which have proven fruitless in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict, the atrocities committed by Israeli military forces during last summer’s “Operation Protective Edge”, and increasing awareness by people around the world of Israel’s serial fracturing of international and humanitarian law, the unstoppable movement toward justice for the Palestinian people only grows louder and stronger.

Don’t be surprised if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu soon appears in front of an ICC court and prosecutors, becomes convicted of the world’s most serious crimes, and becomes faced with spending a long time behind bars in prison. Opposition to the PA’s seeking membership in the ICC has nothing to do with “harming the negotiations/peace process”. The Palestinians are doing what they can to receive decades-overdue justice, and the world is becoming more and more clearly in accord with their rightly pursued efforts.

Benjamin Netanyahu is facing a legal battle somewhat analogous to, but far more severe than, when the youngster tells his friend who faces punishment for his wrongs: “You’re gonna’ be in big trouble!” The truly horrific crimes committed by Netanyahu and his government/military over the summer of 2014 against the people of Gaza were obvious for any man or woman who simply took the time to look.

Continuing the status-quo in Israel-Palestine has simply become unacceptable.


(Thank you to CCTV America at YouTube)