End The Unnecessary Suffering In Ukraine.

Posted on December 27, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

ocean11Alphabet For those men and women around the world who have followed events in Ukraine since November 2013, what has become painfully clear is the perhaps world record-setting distance between narratives coming from both “sides”. For people living in regions and nations where Western corporate news media has the largest number of viewers, they are being led to believe that Ukraine’s crisis came from actions taken by the Russians, in particular Vladimir Putin. For those people who get their news from independent news groups, foreign media, or directly from the mouths of persons involved with the crisis in Ukraine, people living there began suffering after a Western-sponsored violent coup in February 2014.

Western media groups fail to report or debate assertions made by the “other” media groups on events in Ukraine, including reports that people who took power after Viktor Yanukovych left office and the country were behind the sniper murders of 100 police and protesters, the new government in Kiev was behind the downing of Malaysian flight MH17, men close to both U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden (in fact, Hunter Biden, Joe’s son) joined the Board of Directors of Ukraine’s largest private energy corporation – Burisma Holdings, and the rich mineral and agricultural resources of Ukraine. Throughout history natural resources have been the greatest cause of wars.

Ask most average Americans about Ukraine and most likely one hears responses like “yes, there’s some kind of war going on there” or, if they get their news from FOX, “yes, Russia’s – Putin’s – trying to take over Ukraine”. The problem with the propagandistic nature of news reporting about Ukraine is that most people, to some extent on both “sides”, are not receiving anything close to the full truth about events there. This condition, where media falls miserably short in thoroughness of investigation to bring the people real facts and news, is not something new when it comes to important geopolitical issues.

In an ideal world, Petro Poroshenko would appear for interviews in Russia, and Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. Or even more beneficial would be Poroshenko and Putin appearing together on television for interviews – preferably long interviews.

Such a media condition is not new, but it is certainly nothing an “advanced, enlightened” civilization can point toward with any pride whatsoever. Media in an “advanced, enlightened” civilization would not settle for anything less than an accurate assessment of facts and causes, along with total inclusion of all credible voices when producing reports about major events. This is particularly important in the case of Ukraine, where men and women with great experience in government service, international relations, academics and diplomacy have expressed high concern over possible escalation of tension and the need to prevent unwise developments.

The first action necessary on the path to peaceful resolution of the crisis in Ukraine is agreement by all stakeholders to make the sincere effort of identifying the true cause(s) of the conflict, and reporting those causes to the media for dissemination to the world’s people. In this important process of problem identification, total transparency must become recognized as the only path to an equitable and peaceful resolution. The same first-step effort not only offers the opportunity for peaceful resolution of differences in Ukraine, but in the Middle East, Africa, and any place on Earth where conflicts are occurring.

The key is willingness by all parties to strive for total transparency; between/with diplomats, negotiators, the public, the media, and – the entire world. It has become no longer acceptable that international relations are carried out through less-than-complete or slanted narratives. Out of the many diverse opinions and analyses of what are the true causes of the world’s conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Israel-Palestine and elsewhere, some come closer to the truth and some fall a distance away.

It is long past time that diversity of opinions and analyses based on mixtures of real and false facts becomes an extinct feature of the human condition, and the only opinions, analyses, and solution options remaining share the basis of reasonably, widely, and soberly agreed upon truth and real circumstances. Failure of world leaders, and the world’s media/communicators, to move in such a higher moral direction guarantees continuance of less-than-ideal outcomes in situations of potential violence or intensification of human relations problems.

Propaganda, obfuscation, secrecy, omission, half-truths and other intentional manipulations of public opinion/perception must become widely condemned for the extremely negative consequences such actions bring upon innocent men, women, and children. The most horrific consequences are those which become experienced when violence and war occurs.

In recent history, one finds the most striking example in the 2003 Iraq War.

Pray that true peace comes soon to the people of Ukraine.


(Thank you to thomhartmann at YouTube)


6 thoughts on “End The Unnecessary Suffering In Ukraine.

    1. Stuart,
      What an extraordinary situation. Perhaps I’ve missed something, but there hasn’t been any statement of urgency or concern for the people in Eastern Ukraine coming out of America. Very disappointing.


      1. If there have been any notable high profile public statements of urgency or concern for the people in eastern Ukraine, I’ve missed them, too. The reasons, unfortunately, are fairly obvious to some of us, as you’re well aware. Basically, it comes down to the average American having no clue what’s been happening, or, much worse, they THINK they know, and what they “know” is completely wrong.

        We all know the stuff, and you can easily imagine typical responses if the subject is raised.

        “Oh, aren’t they those awful people who shot down an airliner with almost 300 people killed?”

        “Ah, you mean the Russian terrorists in eastern Ukraine fighting the poor Ukrainians who just want freedom and democracy and bravely rose up against Russian aggression?”

        People hear what is fed them as news and, for example, if there’s some pseudo-news report about a cease-fire in the civil war ugliness, it’s invariably reported as being something between the Ukrainian government (never mentioning the gang in power after a coup d’etat) and Russia, always implying or explicitly claiming that the people in the east are a Russian militia force attacking the Ukranian military, and those poor Ukrainians just wish the Russian terrorists would stop attacking them and leave them alone, if only Vladimir Putin wasn’t such a big meanie who wants to conquer Europe beginning with Ukraine.

        This is how we end up with staggering obscenities like the recent congressional resolutions to send military aid to Kiev to aid a gang who took power in a coup, including actual Nazis, literally, and help them wipe out the people in the east, while nobody even seems to KNOW about it (or maybe they half notice something about “supporting Ukrainian freedom”, and half some half conscious thought about how wonderful we are, being the good guys supporting the struggle for freedom in the world and all that”.



        1. Hello John,
          Getting involved in discussions on Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, or any of many important issues is not easy considering the amount of misinformation and misperception out there. In an ideal world people would grow up listening to all points of view without exception, instead of experiencing the shock which comes from discovering corporate media presents narratives like public relations firms. Reminded of more or less accidently checking out a book from the university library by Willie Brandt years ago and learning that tens of thousands of children die every day from curable disease and starvation. The first question which came to mind was “how can it be that this is the first time I’ve heard this statistic, and why isn’t it blaring across the media?” Then, the question “why aren’t the leaders of other nations being interviewed on American media programs?”
          Thankfully, the internet revolution has given access to untold numbers of men and women around the world to all viewpoints. It seems the best one can do to hurry truth into debates about major issues is simply to convey his/her perceptions as honestly as possible, then let the chips fall where they may. The one thing that’s been concerning recently is, although the alternative, independent media does an excellent job of articulating problems, it seems to come up short with providing solutions or better options, and I’m often guilty of same. 2015 will be very interesting. Guess there’s no turning back. 🙂
          Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy New Year and good writing.


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