Joe Cocker (1944-2014): “Let Love Live Again.”


Posted on December 24, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet He was born John Robert Cocker in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England on May 20, 1944. Joe Cocker transitioned into the world of spirit on December 22, 2014 in Crawford, Colorado, America. His agent said that Joe Cocker was “Without doubt the greatest rock/soul singer ever to come out of Britain”.

Whether it is just a coincidence or more that Joe Cocker shared initials with a man whose birth becomes remembered and celebrated this time of year is for another day’s discussion. However, after reading the words to one of Joe Cocker’s later singles “Fire It Up”, one gets the feeling these two men who walked the Earth shared much, much more than just initials.


*She’s sitting at the window, trying to figure out just what to do. The last time that she gave her heart away, it came back broken in two. Like an old abandoned car she parked it down off lonely avenue. And she forgot about it till the day she laid her eyes on you.

*And her heart said “Fire it up.” And her soul said “Fire it up.” And her mind said “Fire it up.”

*Let love live again.

*He’s sitting in a subway station watching as the trains go by. Used to hate the black man till a black man reached out and saved his life. He was pulled out of the darkness, rescued and blinded by the light. Ain’t it crazy how one simple act of kindness can open up your eyes. Open up your eyes. 

*And let your heart say “Fire it up.” And let your soul say “Fire it up.” And let your mind say “Fire it up.”

*Let love live again.

*Here we are together you and me, still trying to figure out the world. Searching for a reason to believe in, what makes this big ball turn? But if we hold on to each other, give love, show love for all it’s worth. Yeah, they might call us crazy, but tell me who’s it gonna’ hurt?

*To let our hearts say “Fire it up.”

*And let our souls say “Fire it up.”

*And let our minds say “Fire it up.”

Let Love Live Again.

Thank You, Joe Cocker.


(Thank you to TheDubaifreak at YouTube)