Will Syriza Party Take Power In Greece?

Posted on December 23, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-15Alphabet Greece is generally known as the birthplace of democracy some two thousand years ago. The country has experienced difficult economic times over the past four to five years, sharing the news with other member states of the European Union such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others on the periphery of the Union. In recent years, Greece’s social movements have banded together in forming the Syriza party.

In the following video, a Syriza party member talks on Latin American network TeleSUR’s program “Imaginary Lines”, about Syriza’s prospects for early elections in Greece coming in January 2015.

Their platform’s most controversial stance is an end to austerity measures prescribed by the so-called Troika – the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the European Union. Other goals of Syriza include renegotiation of Greece’s debt, which the party believes was not incurred by the people of Greece, re-nationalization of industries and sectors privatized in recent years, and moving away from overly market-dominated policies.

According to the Syriza representative, 300,000 Greeks are now without electricity, and 4 million live below the poverty line. In the past 4-5 years private banks have transferred 50 billion Euros out of Greece, and none of those financial funds ended up inserted into the Greece economy.

Syriza has developed relationships with nations in Latin America, where people have lived in past decades under neoliberal systems similar to the Greek system which Syriza is attempting to transform. Syriza’s representative describes the neoliberal policies of the European Union as a “nightmare”, hoping to change Greece’s political system in ways not dissimilar to the far-reaching transformation of Latin American countries which lived for decades under the same type of economic nightmares.

Syriza likes to think it can rediscover the vibrant, dynamic democratic principles first developed over 2,000 years ago in Greece. Will the social movement, solidarity, coalition party win the Greek elections and take power? Will Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras become the next President of Greece? The world will know the answer to those questions shortly, in about a month’s time.


(Thank you to teleSUR English at YouTube)


3 thoughts on “Will Syriza Party Take Power In Greece?

    1. Stuart,
      Agreed. That nation’s been sliced and diced by Wall Street for long enough. Money documentarian Bill Still is on the same page as well. When Syriza takes power, the odds are that this is exactly the route they’ll pursue.


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