Barrett And Fetzer Weekly News.

Posted on December 19, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Kevin Barrett and James Fetzer team up for a news program they call “False Flag Weekly News”. The issues they touch upon are wide-ranging, certainly heavy-duty, and oftentimes controversial. This week’s edition is no exception and surely produces questions and debate among viewers about current affairs stories that become analyzed far differently than in the mainstream corporate media.

The reason for sharing their programs is precisely to spark debate/discussion of the stories they cover – for the most part stories which are important for citizens’ awareness. Some will agree with Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer, some will oppose their views, while others will end up non-committal and decide to conduct their own further research.

Men and women readers are welcome to add any facts or information which they believe has been omitted, correction(s) of any perceived incorrect statements, or simply sentiments of agreement or approval. These fellows have spent much time and effort on topics that most people would rather not research or talk about with friends and family for fear of negative reactions. Because most of the study and writing Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer become involved in results in speaking truth to power, the risk of negative reactions includes those coming from people in much higher, more powerful positions than faced by most people who read their articles or listen to their analyses.

As speaking truth to power is an activity which in many instances places one in some personal risk and requires a certain amount of courage, anyone who does so earns respect for not remaining silent in the face of possible retribution, misplaced criticism, character misrepresentation, and unwarranted damage of one’s reputation. Thank you to Kevin Barrett, James Fetzer, and all men and women around the Earth who speak truth to power despite the possible negative personal consequences.

Some of the current events/articles Mr. Barrett and Mr. Fetzer speak to in this week’s discussion:

a piece by investigative journalist Wayne Madsen on the Sydney, Australia incident

the Pakistan Taliban school shootings

hackers of Sony Pictures over the comedy movie about North Korea – “The Interview”

the U.S. Senate CIA torture report

ISIS and Turkey’s involvement, a comment about ISIS by a pro-Israel conservative

Sandy Hook school massacre debate

the collapse of the Russian ruble

Dennis Kucinich’s Truthdig article about a Russian sanctions bill passed “unanimously” after everyone left the House of Representatives

another article by Wayne Madsen, this one on a secret plan for Israeli Jews migrating “back” to Ukraine

European Parliament recognition of Palestinian statehood

European Union court orders Hamas removed from terrorist blacklist

U.S.-Cuba establishing diplomatic relations after 50 years

questions about whether Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker really won the last election

unreported, continuing, extensive radiation damage from Fukushima

and more…


Any extra analytical comments are encouraged and appreciated.


(Thank you to noliesradio at YouTube)