John Kiriakou Blew The Whistle On CIA Torture.

Posted on December 11, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-24Alphabet Former CIA agent John Kiriakou was one of the people responsible for the historic report about torture delivered by California Senator Diane Feinstein. Mr. Kiriakou is currently in prison after receiving a 30-month sentence on a separate charge of revealing the name of a covert CIA agent to a journalist. He said in a separate interview before entering prison that, “If I’d actually tortured someone, I’d be free.”

Then President George W. Bush, when the topic of torture became news across America, said “We don’t torture. If someone is tortured, it’s because of rogue CIA officers.” John Kiriakou’s recollections regarding CIA activities contradict former President Bush, and he blew the whistle on an organized program of “enhanced interrogation” or torture in the organization he had worked for. Many people are now expressing their feeling that the report clearly points to crimes which became committed; that governments have an obligation to bring charges against those who carried them out. The legal systems in every region on Earth share a most basic principle: those who commit crimes need to become held accountable.

In the case of John Kiriakou, he became swept up in the unfortunate trend resulting in criminals going unprosecuted, but where whistleblowers/messengers bringing news of criminality suffer the penalty. The following short interview of Mr. Kiriakou occurred in early February 2013.


(RT America – YouTube)


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