Nafeez Ahmed: ‘Palestine is not an environment story’ — How I was censored by The Guardian for writing about Israel’s war for Gaza’s gas

Nafeez Ahmed wrote a powerful article for the Guardian about the connection between a natural gas field off the coast of Gaza and Israel’s massacre of over 2,100 Gazans during “Operation Protective Edge” this past summer. The article went viral. The Guardian terminated his contract.

Rise Up Times

 Energy is part of the environment, wait, no it isn’t, not in Palestine anyway.   

After writing for The Guardian for over a year, my contract was unilaterally terminated because I wrote a piece on Gaza that was beyond the pale. In doing so, The Guardian breached the very editorial freedom the paper was obligated to protect under my contract. I’m speaking out because I believe it is in the public interest to know how a Pulitizer Prize-winning newspaper which styles itself as the world’s leading liberal voice, casually engaged in an act of censorship to shut down coverage of issues that undermined Israel’s publicised rationale for going to war.

Gaza’s gas

I joined the Guardian as an environment blogger in April 2013. Prior to this, I had been an author, academic and freelance journalist for over a decade, writing for…

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