Ellen Dannin: Privateers Make a Water Grab

Important for all Americans, particularly the people of Detroit, Michigan and surrounding communities – located next to the world’s largest supply of freshwater. The Great Lakes.

Rise Up Times

Facing increasing opposition abroad, over the past several decades, global water privatizers like Veolia and Suez have begun to see U.S. cities as expansion markets. These corporations have aggressively interfered in the democratic governance of water and have sought to trap cities in unfavorable privatization contracts.

By Ellen Dannin, Portside | News Analysis  Truthout.org  November 27, 2014

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, set in our near future, corporations own countries.

These multinational corporations have grown so large as a result of globalization that they have sufficient economic power to take over or strongly manipulate national governments, initially only relatively small third-world governments, but later, larger developed governments too, effectively running whole countries. In Robinson’s future history, the metanational corporations become similar to nation-states in some respects, while continually attempting to take over competitors in order to become the sole controller of the interplanetary market.


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