Ellen Dannin: Privateers Make a Water Grab

Important for all Americans, particularly the people of Detroit, Michigan and surrounding communities – located next to the world’s largest supply of freshwater. The Great Lakes.

Rise Up Times

Facing increasing opposition abroad, over the past several decades, global water privatizers like Veolia and Suez have begun to see U.S. cities as expansion markets. These corporations have aggressively interfered in the democratic governance of water and have sought to trap cities in unfavorable privatization contracts.

By Ellen Dannin, Portside | News Analysis  Truthout.org  November 27, 2014

In Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, set in our near future, corporations own countries.

These multinational corporations have grown so large as a result of globalization that they have sufficient economic power to take over or strongly manipulate national governments, initially only relatively small third-world governments, but later, larger developed governments too, effectively running whole countries. In Robinson’s future history, the metanational corporations become similar to nation-states in some respects, while continually attempting to take over competitors in order to become the sole controller of the interplanetary market.


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Middle East Peace Possible When Americans Know The Truth.

Posted on December 7, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

oneness2-1Alphabet Art Olivier once served as mayor of Bellflower in California-USA, was the Libertarian Party’s Vice Presidential candidate in the United States presidential campaign of 2000 as the running mate of Harry Browne, and has achieved notoriety as an independent filmmaker – most recently for a feature film titled “Operation Terror”, based on the events of September 11, 2001. His next feature film project will be about the young American peace activist Rachel Corrie (1979-2003) who died in Palestine after being crushed by an Israeli bulldozer. Rachel Corrie was trying to stop Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes, farms, businesses, and lives.

Mr. Olivier recently appeared on PressTV’s Face to Face for an interview. He described “Operation Terror” as the story of 9/11 that most people don’t know about. The film has been featured at ten film festivals and received international awards. The reason Art Olivier has chosen to make feature films instead of documentaries is because average Americans “don’t read books or watch documentaries”, so he believes making feature films increases the chances that many more will watch.

He shared with the interviewer that 9/11 was a terror attack by the media because “terrorism is the media’s job”; terrorized Americans will more readily accept sending the nation to war, and that wars including the Spanish-American, World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Iraq, etc. have been deceptively “created” using false pretexts. He finds it encouraging that young people now rarely watch mainstream corporate news; in his mind a good sign that the truth is steadily and increasingly getting out to many in significant portions.

His theory on mainstream media’s extensive coverage of government spying is as a tool to stop people from protesting; to make people more reluctant to speak out on important, debate-worthy issues, as people believe now that everything one communicates is being “watched”. His estimate of the end goal for those who control American policy and government is not to protect the American people but to protect the people who control American policy and government. His view is that the “enemy” for those in control of and pulling the levers of power are essentially the American people.

Olivier noted that every member of most recent presidential cabinets have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), one of the main groups of men and women who control the policies carried out in/by the United States government. He explains how the warring and violence began in Syria in 2011, although no mainstream news group in America has reported the story – whether to confirm or disprove. Syria declined a natural gas pipeline proposal from Qatar, which shares with Iran one of the massive natural gas fields on Earth.

The Qatari proposal was for a pipeline running from Qatar through Saudi Arabia and across Syria to Turkey then the huge European market. After Syria turned down the Qatar proposal, the Syrian government accepted the proposal from Iran to build a multi-billion dollar pipeline from Iran across Iraq and Syria to Turkey and the same lucrative European market. This was when Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and certain western powers began providing terrorist mercenaries the money, weapons, and training to topple the Assad government in Syria.

In September 2013, Syria became blamed of using chemical weapons on its own people – an accusation countered by theories the Syrian rebels carried out the attacks to bring on the airstrikes – almost resulting in a Libya-like air-bombing campaign on Syria. It didn’t occur through the combination of intense civilian opposition in the United States, Britain and other nations around the world – as public opinion polls showed only 9% in favor of airstrikes – plus the chemical weapons elimination agreement between Syria, the U.S. and Russia which fortunately played the major role in preventing an even more devastating military disaster.

According to Art Olivier, those who had the goal of regime change in Syria became thwarted the first time, so the terrorist threat of ISIS became the tool to convince Americans that war in the region was necessary – in terrorist-overrun nations like Iraq and “coincidentally” Syria. It is interesting to note that the lands where ISIS is carrying out its barbarity is the land where the proposed Qatar and Iran natural gas pipelines would become built and cross over toward Europe, while the countries identified in numerous reports as those supporting terrorist groups who’ve committed horrific atrocities going on four years – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and others – have been left unharmed by those same terrorists.

There is no perceivable reason why the entire conflict could not become resolved/ended by an agreement to build both a Qatari and Iranian pipeline to European customers across Syria.

Those who live in the Middle East know what is happening, have most likely developed workable plans to resolve the violence, a number of terrorists and their supporters should become held accountable, but for peace to come to Iraq, Syria and the Middle East the first step is intense dialogue between all nations in the region focused on identifying then dealing cooperatively with the root causes of the conflict.

Too many have lost their lives over the last four years – the number in Syria alone has surpassed 200,000 – while millions have become refugees and face even more severe conditions.  The world’s financial aid for the millions displaced by four years of war and killing has fallen to the point where starvation of large numbers of people has become a real, frightening possibility.

The people of the Middle East have experienced enough war, violence, tragedy and sadness to last many lifetimes. The men, women, and children struggling and holding out hope for better days in the region desperately need all of humanity now to become peacemakers. 


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