Turkey’s Support For Middle East Terrorists.

Posted on December 5, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

whitekeys4-1Alphabet Even before the war in Syria began in March 2011, refugee camps were constructed and in place in the southwestern Turkish town of Antakya, on Syria’s northwest border. According to a just published short documentary – “The Glass House” by PressTV – those camps became erected for foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists who have since gone on to kill thousands of men, women, and children in Syria.

The residents of that Turkish town have demonstrated in the streets in increasing numbers and intensity, calling for the stoppage of the terrorist camps in their region, and for the removal of the terrorists who have inhabited and been operating out of them. What is important to note is that nobody has been given access to the camps – including local residents, elected Turkish politicians, or members of any news organizations.

In all candor, because it seems this terrorist camp has been operating for many months with the full awareness of the town’s residents leading to their strong opposition, it is surprising that this report/film has taken so long to surface. One could imagine a terrorist camp on American soil placed on the border with Mexico, where terrorists are crossing the border to massacre thousands of residents of Mexico for many months without any media reporting, extremely upset Texans who demand the camps and terrorists leave, Texas politicians joining their constituents in angered demonstrations, and one senses the situation in Antakya, Turkey.

Whatever the reasons for this news story taking a long time to emerge, it has emerged and needs to become widely known. Add to this the fact that Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who supports the current government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, has only recently agreed with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan on a multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline deal where Russian gas will come to Turkey – while probably aware of the terrorist camps in southwest Turkey from which mercenaries have crossed over to Syria and brutally killed thousands of Syrians – and one finds him/herself ever more challenged in coming up with an accurate analysis of the situation in Syria, Iraq, and the Middle East.

With recent reports of a massive natural gas field on Syrian soil, could it be that Erdogan had plans to use terrorists to capture that massive field, and that Putin – in a similar manner to the actions which resulted in Syria’s agreeing to eliminate its chemical weapons and preventing a United States/western air-bombing campaign on Syria – made the deal with Turkey to prevent and/or stop Turkish support of terrorists, thereby bringing about de-escalation of violence in Syria?

In the film, Turkish politicians are seen joining the crowds of demonstrators and talking over loudspeakers to their fellow citizens about how absolutely wrong it was for those terrorist camps to exist without the permission/vote of Turkey’s central government. Just exactly how large a story this will become, nobody can predict with certainty.

However, there is one thing for sure that people around the world can take away from words spoken by the people of Antakya, Turkey: they want peace, the terrorist camps in their community shut down, and the terrorists who’ve been carrying out their brutal atrocities in Syria from them permanently shut down as well and gone.

(Note – April 21, 2015: While editing posts, we noticed the film “The Glass House” at Press TV Documentaries’ YouTube Channel had become unavailable. We are unaware of the reason(s) for this. The 2-minute trailer for the film is still posted on their YT channel, but until we research further there is no good explanation why and our apologies for this.)


(Thank you to PressTV Documentaries)


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