British Parliament Holds Historic Monetary Debate.

Posted on November 28, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

Book11Alphabet In the British Parliament a historic debate was held recently on “Money Creation and Society”. The following video is of MP Michael Meacher’s portion of that discussion. The entire 2 hour 15 minute discussion is posted/found on “Positive Money” channel at YouTube, for those who would be interested. Although it is both puzzling and disappointing that the room wasn’t packed with British MPs for such an important discussion, still any person who has spent some time researching monetary reform will admit to the truly historic nature of the debate.

As Michael Meacher notes at the start of his talk, it has been 170 years since a monetary creation/reform debate has taken place inside the British Parliament. For those men and women who haven’t researched how money becomes created, the astonishing and hope-inspiring effects of seeing such an extremely rare discussion occurring in the halls of the government of a major nation produce feelings that good developments will be coming in the near future, where humanity will experience perhaps a much fairer economic shake that has been a very long time coming.

The “Money Creation and Society” debate in Britain’s Parliament is a big, big deal.

Mr. Meacher pointed out that a major league economist at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, has publicly announced his strong support of monetary reform which transfers the power to create money from private banking firms to the public sector in what has become known as “Sovereign Money”. For someone like highly respected Martin Wolf to publicly speak to such a concept is nothing less than a “bombshell” in the world of economics, international finance, and banking – and hopefully becomes viewed and understood as the major significant new-ideas event that it is.

Add to that encouraging occurrence the British Parliament holding a historic debate on one of the most important global issues of our time and people receive some seemingly never-emerging optimistic news for a change. For more information on the highly important topic of monetary reform, please go to “Positive Money” at YouTube or visit the organization’s website:

Please share this information as widely as possible. While knowledge of money creation and reform is increasing, the number of people around the world who remain ignorant on one of the most important topics they need to become familiar with is still unfortunately far too large. The sooner men and women from every nation and region on Earth become aware, the sooner necessary change to today’s failed, broken monetary systems will come about.

The consensus of those British MPs who participated in the debate is that real changes to current systems of money creation must become rapidly studied, analyzed, intensely discussed in halls of governments, proposed, then implemented – including in the United States of America, .

The consequences of sound, wise, large-scale monetary reform(s) are highly positive, including greater economic growth and security, decreased wealth inequality, better living conditions for citizens, a more stable banking sector with no more government (taxpayer) “bailouts”, creation of more employment opportunities, far less speculative, high-risk “gambling” by City of London/Wall Street financial predators, and discontinuance of banking practices which resulted in the global economic crash of 2007-8 which, tragically, continues to harm men, women, and children around the Earth to this day.


(Thank you to Positive Money at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “British Parliament Holds Historic Monetary Debate.

  1. A friend of mine stayed up till 1.30 am to watch this in real time. It’s a pity more MPs didn’t participate. I also felt the questions were disappointing. Most seemed to relate to other economic issues. I was left with the sense they still don’t get it.


    1. Stuart,
      Seeing that there are so few journalists who have concentrated on monetary issues, Matt Taibbi one of the exceptions, it’s understandable how the public’s awareness has grown in glacier-like speed. What was very surprising was the young conservative British MP’s words during the beginning of the debate, so one could take that as a positive signal. Monetary reform awareness is both so simple as to astonish and somewhat challenging like learning a new language, needing some study to “get it” as you put it.


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