Ferguson Jury Trial Only Path To Heal America.

Posted on November 27, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

aaa-26Alphabet The American people, along with their elected representatives at all levels, now face the choice and consequences of whether or not to carry out a trial by jury over the event in Ferguson, Missouri where Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown to death.

If such a trial is not carried out, well, the protests across America and the world tell people where that choice leads. Furthermore, and most harmful by the choice to forego a trial by jury, is the amount of distrust and uncertainty about the core principles of the American justice system which will remain unattended like an undiagnosed and untreated cancer. In a real sense, Ferguson represents the diagnosis there being present a disease in the nation’s society, and inaction when disease is present allows it to fester and grow – unless it becomes dealt with and treated, hopefully to the point where true healing occurs.

The costs of not announcing then conducting a professionally run jury trial are multiple times higher than holding one. What political and public safety leaders across the nation will face when widespread perceptions become held by young people of injustice in the legal system because of what becomes burned into their memories is impossible to calculate in terms of cost. Reasonable men and women, because of this extremely high social cost, will most likely start speaking out soon for the only healing path now: the jury trial.

In the best possible world, Darren Wilson would come out and ask for a jury trial. He and God only know what his intentions were during the event, but for him to publicly suggest that he be judged by a jury may present the only path for him to recover from the negative images of him, whether accurate or inaccurate, which will follow him, and his family, for the rest of his life. It is important to keep in mind that the negative images of Mr. Wilson are now being transferred to some extent upon every single male and female law enforcement officer in America, and gives another overwhelmingly profound reason for a jury trial.

So, it is not difficult to perceive the very high cost of not going all the way to justice in this most publicized legal case. The only choice for America’s leaders is to take the actions which will result in a trial by jury; a legal event which outweighs in the measure of positive results – moving in the most beneficial direction given the highly charged, difficult circumstances – that of no jury trial, by a multiple of infinity.

When the jury trial begins – and it will happen because this is a moral and just world of moral and just men and women – cameras should be present so that every American, and every person on Earth, can see what true justice looks like in this world. This is the choice of wisdom, and every young American will receive wise lessons for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren while hanging on to every word and action occurring in that courtroom.

This is the only healing path for Americans. This is the only path leading to the moral, righteous, and just place. This is the only path.


(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Ferguson Jury Trial Only Path To Heal America.

  1. The grand jury process is and always has been extremely corrupt. Proper separation of powers would ensure that only a judge could decide if there was sufficient evidence to take a case to trial. Prosecutors call a secret grand jury, when they wish to pre-determine the outcome.


    1. Stuart,
      It’ll be interesting to see how Ferguson plays out, especially looking at how many prominent men and women speak out for a jury trial. As mentioned, it’s seemingly the only option that offers a healing chance.


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